Why You Need a PDF Editor for the Office

It is ubiquitous throughout the business world. Portable Document Format – or PDF – is used in reports, invoices, presentations and projects, prized for its ability to create attractive documents and make them secure and free from tampering, as well as easy to send to a wide variety of sources, safe in the knowledge that the formatting will not be affected. The PDF application is able to create, deploy, store, share and save reports and is used so widely by marketers and other business leaders because of its flexibility, convenience and ease-of-use.

When strength becomes brittleness

Ironically, it is precisely the non-editable nature of PDFs that can make them inflexible, transforming one of their greatest strengths into a weakness. Invoices are best sent in PDF format, for instance, because it greatly lessens any chance of tampering with them. However, when mistakes are found in a report or presentation saved in a PDF format, it can be nigh-on impossible to correct them, leaving one with, at best, a scrappy and unprofessional-looking document – or even one that actively misleads, with potentially damaging consequences.

The freedom to make last-minute changes

In such situations, then it is easy to see why the ability to edit text, and even images, on a PDF, could be incredibly useful, saving not only time and hassle, but also meaning that you can quickly correct problems if later pointed out by the PDF recipient. Fortunately, there is a way to edit the content of a PDF document, using deceptively simple PDF editing software.

Editing made easy

Modern PDF editing software such as Infix pdf editor allows almost anyone to edit a PDF, since it relies upon the same sort of user interfaces as the applications that created the document in the first place, whether they be word processing software, spreadsheets or the likes of Powerpoint. With a PDF editor, you can easily alter text by reflowing it, justifying it, or changing the fonts, colours and sizes. Editing software can also alter or replace images, which makes it ideal for companies seeking to update their product brochures with new items or different faces in the ‘meet the team’ section.

Every business which uses PDF – and that’s pretty much all of them, these days – can benefit from having a PDF editor to hand.


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