Why Should You Try Payroll Software?

consider-using-payroll-softwareThere are many reasons why you want to try payroll software. In fact, there are so many reasons that, no matter your situation, it is almost certainly a great idea to try new software; UK RTI payroll software that has been recognised by HM Revenue & Customs. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you would want to.

It helps you learn the basics (and beyond) of payroll management.

It might seem like a difficult task to learn how to manage payroll by yourself, but these days there is software available that makes it surprisingly easy to learn the process and become proficient at payroll management. Long gone are the days of obscure and unhelpful payroll packages or manual systems with pages and pages of tax tables!

If you have the capacity to understand Microsoft or Adobe packages, then you certainly have what it takes to learn payroll with the right software. For some of the most user-friendly UK payroll software available, you can pretty much get started right away even if you are a novice, and with the best software you can learn as you go along.

Automated functions save you time and effort

Good HMRC recognised UK payroll software makes things quick and easy by calculating, automating and simplifying common payroll tasks; for example, adding new employees, submitting real time payment submissions, calculating statutory sick pay and paternity pay, managing additions and deductions, managing leavers and starters, and finalisation at the end of the payroll year. Analysis and reporting tools provide similar benefits.

You can avoid payroll outsourcing costs by keeping it in-house

Outsourcing payroll is often not the best choice for a business, and there are cases when outsourcing will work out to be more expensive than using software in-house. Generally, if your business can function at less cost by keeping payroll in-house when compared to outsourcing, in-house payroll software is the way to go. And thanks to rapid improvements in the quality of RTI payroll software over the last decade, the costs and effort involved with internal payroll management have decreased significantly.

With free UK payroll software there is nothing to lose.

There are two types of free payroll software: free and paid-for. In the case of paid-for packages, there is often the option to use the software for life for free anyway, as long as you only have a small number of employees. From a learning perspective, totally free payroll applications (some are available online, others are available to download) are often not the most helpful to use, and as such makes this makes paid-for options generally a better choice; especially if you have few employees and you can use the paid-for option for free.

Support on stand-by to help you with problems

Making the choice to use payroll applications does not necessarily leave you adrift. With the right provider, you can make use of support services with experts in the field only a phone call away to handle any problems or issues you may have. Support services are usually free.


About the author: Mark Spencer is a BrightPay.ie  Marketing Specialist, with over 15 years’ experience in the Marketing field and Direct Marketing Techniques.

About the company: Bright Pay is a software package that has everything you need to create and manage your staff handbook and employment contracts. Getting these in place has traditionally been an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. Bright Contracts makes it quick and easy.

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