Why Italian Investor Visa Is A Great Option For Global Entrepreneurs

Setting up a global business requires courage and commitment, but the dream keeps aspiring entrepreneurs going. Italy is an excellent destination for setting up a company overseas as it embraces foreign businesses with open arms. The tax policies are liberal, and the market is broad. So you have a favorable environment for a new venture here. Even better, you can immigrate easily with an investor visa. If you want to learn more about this immigration option, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law Firm to know it better. An investor visa is an ideal option for global entrepreneurs. Let us explain why you should leverage it as a launchpad for your Italian venture.

Start with an ideal investment alternative

An investor visa requires you to bring investment in the country, so you must be ready with adequate funds. But the good thing is that funding options are flexible. You can invest in a startup, an established company, a public welfare project, or government bonds. The amounts for different alternatives vary, from €250,000 for startups to €500,000 for established companies, €1 million for donations, and €2 million for government bonds.

Minimal eligibility requirements

Besides flexible investment options, the minimum eligibility requirements for an Italian investor visa make it a good choice for budding global entrepreneurs. Of course, you will need a high net-worth to afford a golden visa in the first place. But eligibility shouldn’t be a problem otherwise. You only have to be over 18 years, in a good state of health, and have a clean record to qualify.

Quick and easy process

The process for obtaining an investor visa is quick and easy, so you can focus more on establishing your business rather than worrying about immigration. You have to start by getting a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta), which validates your funds. After obtaining it, you can apply for your investor visa at a local consulate. If your documents are in place, you will complete the process right away.

Long-term prospects

An Italian investor visa has excellent long-term prospects. It lets you land in the country and get a residence permit for two years. Subsequent renewal is valid for three years, after which you get a permanent residence permit. After completing ten years in Italy, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization. With a citizenship status, you can stay here for good and focus on the growth of your business.

Business benefits

An investor visa opens you up to immense business benefits once you start operating in Italy. The government policies and tax structure are favorable for international business owners. You can live and work here, bring your family along without additional investment, and travel across the Schengen zone without a visa. Your family gets access to the education and healthcare facilities in the country. The benefits are available to residents and citizens.

The Italian investor visa is a golden ticket for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. While it is easy to obtain, you must seek guidance from an immigration expert to convert to citizenship status. With an expert showing the way, the journey becomes easy, and you can focus on business growth and success.

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