Why Is Consistency So Important Online?

Why Is Consistency So Important Online?

Having a website if you own a business or if you want to promote yourself in some way is essential. In fact, not having a website is looked upon with suspicion by many people; after all, why would you not want to have an online presence when so many consumers shop online through their laptops or even their mobile devices? It’s important to have a consistent brand when you have a website and online business, and that brand should match your offline business (assuming there is an offline version). Why is having a consistent brand image so crucial to gaining sales? 

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Trust And Dependability 

Having a consistent brand image that runs throughout your website and on into your paperwork and even uniforms and vehicle signage promotes an image of trustworthiness. It makes your business seem dependable. Firstly, this is because the public can see the effort that has gone into making sure that everything comes under one consistent brand – it’s not always an easy task. If you have shown that you are willing to take that task on, it also indicates that you intend your business to be around for a long time to come. This enables people to buy from you with more confidence than if you had a slapdash approach to your branding and used any font or color that came to mind. Adding a logo to this mix enhances that feeling of dependability, plus it is easily recognizable and can be a bonus when it comes to marketing. 


A consistent brand is a great way to get your marketing right. Think of all the brands you enjoy buying from; you will be able to summon up images of their logo, their favored colors, their branding in general. When you see those things out on the street, you immediately know who they are and what they do, and you’ll be reminded that you like to shop with them. Rather than spend a lot of money on marketing to try to get noticed, that money will be better spent on getting your brand consistent across all your platforms – this will do half the job of marketing for you if it’s done right. Not only will this enable you to impress customers, but it will also help you to have financial literacy


The correct branding, done well and consistently, can help your customers get to know you. People like to buy from people they know and understand, so ensuring that your branding can help you become that person (even if you are a large company and wouldn’t usually have a ‘face’ as such) means more sales. A consistent brand will allow customers to feel they can interact with you, particularly over social media. This may not sound like something to be too excited about, but social media is a massive part of marketing, and interactions are essential – they boost your reach, and more people will get to know who you are and what you do. Finding the tone of voice that works with your brand means you can build on that in the future. 

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