Why Healthcare Entrepreneurship is Here to Stay

There’s one thing for certain: people will always need healthcare. If we ever get to a place where we have Star Trek-like tricorders to assess our health woes, we’ll still need a doctor to fix us up. When we do have such an advanced analytical system, you can be sure it will be an inventive entrepreneur that got us there.

Even your doctor may be a robot at some point in the not-too-distant future. After all, there are already many robots and robotic tools being utilized in hospitals and clinics around the world. Medical technology and AI already surround us, even in our homes and on our bodies.

You may have a Fitbit on your wrist monitoring your heart rate and sleep or a portable gluten monitor you take with you to restaurants. There is even a tiny EKG pad that uses your mobile phone as an interface. There are companies like 23andme that analyze your genetic data for inherited conditions.

Healthcare gadgets are so ubiquitous, you may not even think about them, but entrepreneurs like Patrick James of First Brands Group know that there will continue to be a stream of new advancements in the healthcare space.

Why Healthcare Entrepreneurship is Here to Stay

Technology Dives Today’s Healthcare

Whether at the doctor’s office or in your own home, health technology is improving our lives. Tools that analyze data and predict healthcare needs are taking bigger and bigger roles in today’s world. Patient portals provide an ease of access to medical records, and integrated data systems help doctors and patients alike to make better health decisions.

There are pill-sized robots that you swallow to analyze your digestive system, robotic arms and exoskeletons to help the disabled and paralyzed move again, medical training robots and even companion robots that act as caretakers. These advancements are often the product of an entrepreneur stepping up to fill a gap or solve a problem.

Keeping You Healthy is the Focus

In the past, healthcare providers were more motivated to believe you were sick, thanks to a business model that relied on how many patients were seen and how many procedures they could charge for. That focus has shifted to doctors employing preventive medicine and avoiding treatments that may not be necessary.

Advancements in technology can assist greatly in these preventive measures. For example, doctors at Stanford used Apple Watches to monitor patients for irregular heart rhythms. It’s not only the healthcare industry and patients that benefit from this progress; the products and services can be very lucrative for an enterprising startup.

Healthcare is a Business

Consumers are what businesses cater to, creating products and services built to address certain needs. Like any other industry, consumers want options, convenience and control when it comes to their health. It takes a business-minded entrepreneur to provide these essential elements.

An understanding of economics, management and marketing has become part and parcel of the healthcare industry. It is a business that needs sharp minds to both improve the lives of patients and the industry itself. Forward thinking and driven to affect positive change, it is the creative entrepreneur who transforms and elevates the healthcare space.

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