Why Funeral Insurance Is So Important

The average funeral cost starts at $6,000. Depending on how your family wants to memorialize you, it could be much more. As a small business owner, providing insurance to help your family when you pass on will be up to you. One way to help them is by purchasing funeral insurance and planning the event prior to your death. While you may not like the thought of planning you own funeral, this is actually a responsible action to take. The funeral insurance policies that are available from Funeral Insurance Compare are priced affordably and provide adequate funds to reduce the financial hardship your family experiences in the event of your death.

While life insurance is the traditional method of providing funds to your remaining family members upon your death, these policies can take months to pay out. By that time the funeral is over and your family may be in financial trouble. A funeral insurance policy, on the other hand, will provide your family with funds directly after your death, which can be used for the actual funeral expenses.

What does Funeral Insurance Pay For?

Funeral insurance policies will provide funds that are strictly for the cost of the funeral. This includes burial costs as well as the cost of the funeral service or cremation. There are a wide array of plans and policies to choose from, and they are available for individuals aged 15 to 80. These policies do not require any type of health check-ups or blood tests in order to qualify for the policy. Each policy will vary in benefits paid, but the average amount of payout is $15,000.

Different Types of Funeral Insurance

There are general policies that will provide provisions for one person as well as entire families. Additionally, family plans will typically offer a discount for multiple people. There are also some polices that will pay more in instances of accidental death, such as a car accident. In some cases, the payment can be as much as double.

Why You Should Invest in Funeral Insurance

Taking care of your final expenses will ensure that your family does not have to bear the financial burden that will accompany the cost of the funeral. While the starting cost for your funeral is $6,000, the average actual cost typically ranges from $12,000 to $15,000. This can put a huge burden on your family in the event that you have not made provisions prior to your death.

You can easily compare funeral insurance online and learn about the many policies that are available. However, making this decision is one of the most responsible actions you can take. Do not leave your family struggling to cover your final expenses. There are several options in the realm of funeral insurance, which will provide you with the confidence to know that your expenses will be covered in the event of your death. The cost that you will pay for the policy will vary, however it will be one of the best investments you can make to care for your loved ones once you are gone.

More information about this type of insurance can be found by contacting Robert Yancovitch. Working with someone who knows the industry can be quite beneficial.

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