Why Do I Need a Backup Air Compressor for My Business?

Air compressors have been around for a while and are used by different industries according to their needs. From supplying high-pressure clean air to regulating the seamless airflow through the HVAC system, every business needs an air compressor.

They might not be as visible as the AC or heater. Still, they are undoubtedly essential to create a comfortable environment in the workplace.

But, the question is whether or not just one air compressor is sufficient for your business? Well, there is no definite answer to this question. However, one sure thing is that having a second air compressor will come in handy during emergency events.

Why Do I Need a Backup Air Compressor for My Business?

Businesses can use the second unit in different ways, such as:

  • Backup Compressor: In this highly competitive world, companies need to make the best use of their time and resources. It would be an understatement to say that every second is crucial for the survival of the business. In such a scenario, if your main unit gets damaged, the working of your business will get affected.

    Luckily, if you have a backup compressor, the staff can continue to work without any trouble. And in the meantime, you can repair the main unit. This will ensure that the productivity, time, and resources are well-utilized.
  • Stand-by Compressor: As the name suggests, this unit is readily available to work in case of any emergency. It is only used when required. To be more specific, during the peak demand, the use of standby compressors increases.

    It works as a “lead-lag.” When there are two units in a system, the one is set as a lead machine. While the other is a lag machine. Let us take an example for a better explanation. Suppose you have a Reciprocating Air Compressor as your lag machine and a Rotary Scroll air compressor as a lead machine. In this case, the reciprocating unit will meet your requirements when the pressure drops on the rotary scroll.
  • Redundant Compressor: In the air compressor world, the term “Redundancy” is often used. Unlike the two mentioned above, here, both the units work parallelly, sharing the demand. So, when the main unit fails, the second unit starts providing full service. It ensures that your business operations stay continued.

What Are The Advantages Of Two Air Compressor Units?

  • Having a backup unit will give you the time to repair and maintain the primary unit.
  • You don’t have to face the situation of downtime due to compressor failure.
  • It will save you from unexpected events such as the unavailability of a replacement part for the main unit. In such a scenario, the backup will help you continue your work.


As your business starts to grow and the air consumption increases, you have to get an upgraded compressor. Here, you can use the old one as a backup or standby unit. So, it’ll be a win-win!

To Sum It All Up!

Even if you brought a new compressor, you should still try to mitigate the risk. Remember that you don’t know when and how the unit will get damaged. Therefore, having a backup will ensure that your business does not suffer because of this.

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  1. you have right point here we do need two for businesses

  2. i have seen my cousin has to shutdown her store for a couple of days due to the compressor failed and it has affected her business

  3. we do need 2 but if we have budget prob you can take a old one for backup that can support you till you get the one fixed

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