Why Do Agile Projects Often Go South

Why Do Agile Projects Often Go South

In this post, we will take a look at why a lot of businesses tend to experience a change for the worse once they have implemented Agile…

Agile is hard to put into practice 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that Agile is difficult to do in practice. It may be a principle that is easy to understand. However, one thing no Agile salesman will tell you is that putting Agile into place is not easy.

Agile requires many changes to current practices and the way in which a business works. It can even demand that people within the business change in terms of the role they carry out. It is often deemed a transformation, and there are very high failure rates when it comes to transformation efforts. 

The scale of change that is needed is underestimated, and considerably so. This is especially the case when it comes to big projects. But don’t forget; you don’t need to do everything in-house. The likes of WiFi rental can make your life easier. If the Agile project you are working on is an event, seeking outside services like this can help to make each component a lot easier. 

Agile ‘experts’ can get accreditation within two days 

Another issue is that, despite the fact Agile is difficult to implement, becoming an Agile ‘expert’ is easy. In fact, the industry is filled with them, and this is because people can get accreditation in as little as two days. 

A lot of business owners confused Agile and Scrum

Another issue is that far too many people confuse Agile and Scrum. They believe they are running Agile but, in fact, they are running Scrum. And, the most common Scrum interpretation is actually completely against Agile values and principles. 

Scrum is more appropriate for projects involving simple software development. This is where incremental sequential development and deployment are evidently the most appropriate and there are independent teams. 

The core of Agile can be exceptionally challenging to master where the design incorporates elements other than software or when there is a high level of complexity. 

Introducing Scrum and Sprints is not enough if you are to get the real benefits of Agile. You need to have a commitment and an understanding – and this relates to everyone in all of your teams involved in development. 

This means that it is going to take time. You need to take the time to put together an approach that is going to be successful for you. Once you have done this, you are then going to have to tweak and adapt your process to suit the different projects you are working on. After all, you can never have a single method that can be used across all projects, as projects have unique characteristics. This is not something a lot of companies welcome or even understand. After all, the thought of having to adapt a process for every project is not one many want.

Agile is only suitable for some projects

A lot of business owners also make the mistake of assuming that it is an all-or-nothing decision. However, this is not the case. Agile is only appropriate for a selection of projects; not all of them.

Of course, this brings about more challenges. For teams that are not very familiar with Agile, they are going to need a lot of support. 

Short-sightedness becomes a problem

A final reason why businesses can often go back when they introduce Agile is that they become short-sighted. This makes it incredibly difficult to plan for the long term.

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