When To Revamp These 5 Aspects Of Your Business?

It’s important to keep improving and refining your business. This can help you to keep up with competitors, as well as attracting new customers. Most businesses will carry out a revamp every few years. But just how many years should you wait to refresh your business? It depends on what part of your business you’re revamping. Below are 5 different aspects of your business and when to revamp each of them.

Your brand

Every so often it can be worth rebranding your company. This typically involves changing your logo and possibly altering your brand colors and tone of voice. It could even include changing your company name if you feel that this is no longer suitable.

Most companies rebrand every 7 to 10 years. You should consider rebranding if:

  • Your branding no longer fits your company vision
  • Your brand is too similar to other company brands
  • Your brand feel dated
  • Your brand is too complicated to put into use (such as an overly detailed logo)

Your office décor

Refurbishing your office may help to remotivate you and your employees, as well as boosting productivity. You should think about an office revamp if your decor is dated, if your office design is inhibiting communication or if your office decor no longer reflects your brand.

A refurbishment could also be necessary if parts of your office decor are starting to show wear and tear. Paint on walls typically needs to be touched up every 3 to 5 years to keep it from looking faded. Carpets meanwhile last about 10 years on average before they become heavily worn and need replacing. 

Your website

You should also regularly redesign your website. This could include redesigning it yourself or using a website design company. Redesigning can be necessary if you rebrand. It could also be necessary if you’re using outdated design features or if information on your site is no longer relevant.

Websites are typically redesigned every 2 to 3 years. Consider when the last time was that you revamped your website.

Your hardware

Hardware needs to constantly be updated in order to make sure that it is top quality and in good condition. Some hardware may need to be updated more regularly than other types of equipment. For example, computers typically need to be replaced every 3 to 4 years to keep your business running smoothly. A commercial coffee machine meanwhile may not need to be replaced for 10 years. Once you start experiencing regular faults with machinery or your machinery is acting slow, it is generally a good idea to replace it. 

Your software

Software may also need to be revamped occasionally. The average lifespan of software is 10 years – at which point it will lose support from the vendor and become vulnerable to bugs and viruses. You should replace software before it becomes unsupported.

If you’re using custom software, make sure that this is regularly updated every few years. Your developers should be able to constantly keep on top of minor bugs, however every so often major improvements may be required.

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