What You Should Know About Buying A Furnace For Your Business

Buying a furnace for your workplace, especially a good one, will help you enjoy up to two decades of good, efficient heating. As far as heating systems go, they are some of the best value for money that are currently around. However, you want to make sure that you get the furnace that will meet your workplace’s needs and get them from a supplier that will take care of you, too.

What You Should Know About Buying A Furnace For Your Business
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Know your different types

There are different types of furnaces, with single-stage furnaces being more popular, two-stage and multi-stage offering more efficiency with varying levels of heating, but coming at a higher cost as a result. Bear in mind the costs of fueling your furnace, too, look at the prices of gas heating, electric heating, and propane supply in your area to make sure you’re getting the most cost-effective option.

Choose the right size

A small furnace is not going to be able to efficiently heat up a very large space. However, if you buy a furnace that is too large, it will cost more to maintain and might not be the most energy-efficient option at your disposal, either. Use a furnace sizing guide to get an idea of how big yours should be based on the space it’s heating as well as the climate of the area.

Zone your workplace appropriately

Depending on things like airflow, insulation, and the presence of heat-producing machinery in the area, different parts of the office are going to heat or cool more quickly. Before buying a furnace, you should have a heating expert come to find what zones your workplace has. Putting a zoning system in place can help you heat different parts of the property as much or as little as they might need.

Know where you can get parts

Make sure that you know where you can get replacement parts for your furnace easily. Even if they can last two decades, you may need parts like a carrier 340793-762 motor kit, and you should know where to buy one if you can. You might be able to get them directly from the manufacturer, but there are specialist stores that carry the parts you might need, too. Usually, it’s cheaper to buy them yourself rather than to pay the mark-up an engineer might charge on parts that they source.

Understand the costs that can come with them

There are other costs that can come with the installation of a furnace that you should be aware of. Of course, there is the ductwork and the ventilation systems that have to run through the office. You can make use of existing ones if they are there but, if not, you should anticipate those installation costs, too. Other costs you should budget for beyond the furnace itself includes thermostats or other control systems.

The right furnace is a vital investment for any workplace, especially if it gets susceptible to the cold in those winter months. The tips above can help you ensure you’re making the right purchase for your business.

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