What to Give Your Business Clients This Christmas

The holidays are nearing ever closer and that means it’s time to start sourcing some amazing corporate giveaways for your valued clients. You’ll also want to order bespoke promotional bags and/or custom logo socks to ensure your brand is remembered when giving that token of your appreciation. But if you do want to avoid being the company CEO who sends clichéd goodies like tubs of popcorn and stale fruitcake, you’d best take a look at these ideas for great client gifts.

Before you start looking around though, do keep in mind that giving gifts to clients can be a little tricky. For starters, you don’t want to come across as impersonal but you also don’t want to gift an inappropriate item. You’ll need to strike that delicate balance.

4 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Client Christmas Gift

  1. When presenting clients with gifts, err on the conservative side. Try to avoid giving something highly personal or something that has the potential to offend the receiver. So this means it’s a good idea to stay away from clothing, jewellery and alcohol. While you may be giving such gifts with good and rather innocent intentions, they can in fact come across as inappropriate if they are quite in line with your client’s cultural, personal and religious beliefs.
  2. Now while you want to avoid getting too personal with your gift choices, stay away from boring or generic gifts. They’re not going to make your client feel very valued. Instead consider gifts that you deem relevant to your professional relationships with each client.
  3. Take the time to include a hand written, personalised message with the gift. This type of personalised touch brings a great level of sincerity and warmth to the gift and no doubt your clients will appreciate it. Just be sure to double check all spelling of client names!
  4. When presenting the gift to your client the actual presentation is essential. Make use of well-placed ribbons and classy gift boxes or promotional bags that will help to add value to a simple gift. If you can, try to deliver your gift in person so that you can thank your client’s face to face and wish them a safe and happy Christmas.

Essentially, the business gifts you choose should also reflect the culture and values of your company and express how much you value your clients. Choose tactful and thoughtful gifts that will be well received and help to spread the good will amongst your business relationships.

Client Christmas Gift Ideas

Customized Christmas Cards

Rather than send out generic cards this year, why not create custom Christmas cards using Canva? Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use. With Canva’s free Christmas card maker, you can design your own custom Christmas cards even if you’re not a designer. With stunning templates and a simple interface, now anyone can look like a pro. In addition, your clients will appreciate the gesture. An alternative to Canva I recommend checking out is Greetings Island.

Personalized Stationery

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving personalized cards and stationery? They’re handy and can be used to individual special messages and thank you notes and honestly, you could never have enough variety. Personalized note cards are a great gift for clients who are bound to use them over and over again.

An Alloy Golf Clock

If your clients love golf, why not choose an alloy golf desktop clock. It’s bound to be a big hit.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great gift for clients and even employees that enjoy showing off their pride and joy on their desk. Pop the frame in a branded promotional bag and finish off with a personalised note.

Business Card Holders

Clients can be wowed with classy business card holders that they can carry with them wherever they go.

Beer and Wine Bottle Openers

A stainless steel bottle opener is somewhat of a no brainer if you know your clients enjoy a tipple. No doubt they would find use for such a gift year round. You could even personalise the opener with your brand engraved on it.

Crystal Diamond Paperweights

For a slightly more extravagant gift that is a little unusual, choose a crystal diamond paperweight that will sit on your client’s desk. You could have your corporate logo etched into the paperweight for longevity.

Mobile Phone Stand

Mobile phone holders tend to be a big winner amongst business gift givers. Again, package neatly with a promotional bag and note.

Corporate Gifts To Give This Christmas
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