What Should you Look for in A Recruitment Agency

If you are looking to hire a crucial member of your team – you might want to leave it in the hands of the experts.  A recruitment agency can be on hand to give you advice on finding the candidate, they will have their own pool of contacts they can tap into, and they can do a lot of the work for you.  If you are going to enlist the services of an executive search firm – then here are some things you should look out for.

Do they have a Good Website Presence?

Most executive recruiters will have a website that you can have a look at before contacting them.  Their website should clearly outline their expertise in the industry and the different services that they can offer.  They should also have some info there on when they were founded, and perhaps some current vacancies they have to give you an idea of some of the clients they have. An example of where this has been done can be seen through the executive search firm Y Scouts. Their website clearly details how they can help your business, what industries they work in and the history of their firm.

How Active are they on Social Media?

Their activity on social media will normally give you a good indicator as to who they are as a company.  Have a look at their social media channels to find more about their company culture, success stories – and also to put a personality to a brand.  You will often find that a top executive search firm will post out valuable content on tips as to how to source good talent. 

Look at their Online Reviews

A good place to find out how a company has treated their other clients is checking their online review. You could find these on the likes of Google My Business or Facebook.  Here you will see a star rating, as well as any comments that the client may want to leave.  The good thing about these is that they are completely objective – so you are getting an honest view of their service.  You can also get an idea of their customer service levels by the way they respond. 

Have a Look at Previous Case Studies

Any good executive search firm will have some case studies to show off.  This could be based on how quickly they have managed to fill a role, how suitable that person has been – and even some client testimonials that shows people are happy with their service and the talent they now have.

There are no Hidden Fees

It’s essential that you are fully aware of the fees associated with recruiting your new talent.  Often you will find agencies that will do the work for you for a flat fee, whereas others take a percentage of the salary of the employee.  Make sure you chat through the fine print with them if it isn’t already readily available on their website.  If you are looking at using a recruitment agency for your next business executive – make sure that you check out these things first to make sure you are using a reputable firm.

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