Why Is My Web Traffic Dropping?

As an entrepreneur, we all want our business to thrive and our voice to be heard loud and clear above the competitors. However, even if business is booming and sales are through the roof, you may sometimes notice an unwelcomed dip in the traffic reaching you website. There are several reasons this can occur, and we are going to talk about them now.

  1. A Website Makeover

If you have recently overhauled the design of your website, it may affect the web traffic you get through for a few weeks afterwards. Often, when you make changes to the design of your website, it will slow down the loading speed of landing pages, which in turn will put people off visiting the site. Often when you upload better quality images and media, the loading speed will decrease and it will cause a worse user experience. To combat this, check your website on Pagespeed Insights and find out where the issues are.

  1. The Tracking Code

The tracking code you get when you first install Google Analytics to your website is what will allow you to track your traffic and everything else, so if this changes or there is an issue with the code, you will see a decrease in your analytics even if the traffic is still at the same level in reality.

  1. Trends

Trends are one of the most important things to keep an eye out for with marketing, because it shows us what is popular at a certain time of year, and also the best time to market certain products. For example, if your website is selling garden furniture, you will naturally see a dip in traffic in the winter because people aren’t looking for garden furniture in the cold.

  1. Technical Problems

Sometimes the traffic issues you are experiencing are caused by the most simple thing. Technical issues can be caused by the most tiny issue in the website’s code, and can be resolved pretty easily by using tools such as Webmaster or Moz. You’ll be able to pull an audit to see 404 errors, missing SEO and other issues plaguing the website.

  1. Server Overload

One of the first things you can look at when you are having issues with your company website is the server. Servers can be temperamental beings, and if you are gaining a lot of traction with your business, the servers can crash and have issues. This is the point at which your website goes down and no one can get onto it. Make sure to optimise your servers to accommodate for increased traffic so that you don’t have this issue.

  1. Bad Search Results

Finally, something which can affect the running and traffic to your website is bad search results. This means that when someone searched for your website, they are faced with inappropriate results. This can affect your reputation as a company and will cause issues if you don’t resolve it. You can work out the issues by delving into your keywords on Google and finding where they deviate from your company.

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