Ways To Market Without Even Thinking About Marketing

A marketing campaign can have different results for every business. From low sales to soaring profit records, huge follower interaction to losing a few newcomers after only a couple of days, your plans to get the word out can ping pong back and forth. It’s why marketing is such a rich niche – you never know what you’re going to get

For a lot of business owners, however, that’s simply not good enough. And that’s exactly why low-key, subtle marketing methods are becoming more and more popular. If you’re interested in marketing without feeling like you’re marketing, this is the technique to get on board with. 

Talk About Yourself without Relying on Buzzwords

This is for those moments when you’re locked into a networking conversation and you’ve got no idea what to do or say. In our opinion, you should simply be honest about who you are and what you’ve achieved. 

Leave out the big words and the statistics that you think sound impressive and instead talk about what you wanted to achieve, what you did achieve, and what the process did for you. When you sound passionate about something, you come across ten times more likable! 

Use a Client’s Own Words

If you want to speak to prospective new clients on their own level, use a previous client’s work in your marketing materials. This can be as simple as picking out a couple of buzzwords left in a review, or it can be showcasing a winning testimonial on your website. You don’t have to think too hard about how to describe your product or service – the people who know how good it is have already done the work for you! 

Get Your Car Wrapped

Or your fleet, if you’ve got one; a quality fleet graphics company isn’t hard to find these days! But once your car is wrapped, your business name, slogan, and message goes everywhere with you. It can be seen both locally and nationwide, and people are going to notice it no matter what. That means that every time someone sees your car, you have the chance to convert them into a customer. And all for a one-time fee – that’s what we call cost-effective! 

Say Yes to More Interviews

Have you ever been interviewed? If not, it could be time to look into getting your name, face, and thoughts out there. Small business magazines and news websites can be found all over the place; offering up a slice of your time and expertise to give to their readers is a winning proposition. 

An interview is a good way to impress future customers and business contacts alike. If they found you through an interview you gave, they know what you believe in, how you sound, and the way you want to work. And thankfully, this will never feel like just like one of those marketing methods; you’re just letting a few thoughts be known! 

If you don’t like marketing, for any reason, this is the way to go! 

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Dequiana Jackson, Founder of Inspired Marketing, Inc., helps overachieving women entrepreneurs conquer limiting beliefs and create marketing plans that grow their businesses. This includes one-on-one marketing plan development, digital product creation, web design and content marketing. Dequiana is the author of Know Your Business: How to Attract Ideal Clients & Sell More and runs the award-winning blog, Entrepreneur-Resources.net.

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