Ways to Improve Your Practice’s Reputation

In today’s competitive medical industry, it takes more than just good medicine to build a successful practice. These days, it takes a concerted effort from staff, administration, and providers for a practice to thrive. In addition, practices really have to sell themselves and their services to potential patients much more than in the past. Practices need to be present for patients beyond just when they are in the examination room. Here are a few ways for your practice to improve its reputation:

Ways to Improve Your Practice's Reputation

1. Improve Your Practice’s Workflow 

First off, make sure that your patient’s experience is a good one. Improving your practice’s workflow through continuous optimization of operations. This will help your practice reduce patient wait times, improving your customer service and overall reputation. Make sure to clearly define the roles and responsibilities for your staff, so everyone knows what responsibilities are their own. Ultimately, doing these things will provide the best experience possible for your patients.

2. Monitor Your Reputation on Online 

Places of business live and die by their online reviews and reputation, and doctor’s offices are no different. In fact, a referral from a past patient is probably the very best way to spread the good word about your practice. However, the opposite is also true. A few bad reviews online can repel potential patients. With so many options for medical care, people will not be jumping at the opportunity to take a chance on a medical practice with some mixed reviews online. So, it is very important for practices to keep a close eye on what people are saying about them online. If there are any bad reviews that pop up, they should be addressed promptly and professionally. Try to deal with negative reviews offline, if possible, then once the problem is resolved, you can gently ask the disgruntled patient to take down their review. In time, your overall rating online will greatly improve. 

3. Offer After Hours Call Service

Patients expect more from their practices. They want to have access to their providers when they need them, whether that be during regular business hours or in the dead of the night. Offering after hours protocols can help differentiate your practice and ensure your patients feel cared for. It can also save your patients from a potentially costly and unnecessary urgent care or emergency room visit. You can also provide medical information and advice on your website related to the speciality of your practice. For example, if you are a pediatric practice, you could offer information on breastfeeding or newborn care. 

4. Update Your Medical Practice Website Design 

Finally, another important aspect that can help your practice gain a better reputation is updating your website to match current trends and capabilities. Your website is most likely the first place people visit to learn more about your practice, and thus, it provides a first impression. It is absolutely essential that your website conveys both professionalism and the personality of your practice in an initiative and informative manner. If your site is hard to navigate, people are most likely going to move on to the next site. Instead, your site should be a central hub for your practice, offering helpful information for both visiting potential patients and longtime members of the practice. Consider having sections in your site for inquiring visitors and for existing patients. This can look different for practices based on their area of expertise and what age of patients your practice sees. However, the most important thing to remember when designing or updating your practice’s site is that it is easy to understand and navigate. 

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