How Tracking Your Company Vehicles Can Advance Your Small Business

Transportation fleet in whiteWhether you have five company vehicles or 50, GPS vehicle tracking can dramatically improve the efficiency of your small business. That’s because, when you’re able to monitor all vehicle activity — especially when it’s easily and seamlessly from the comfort of your mobile device — you are able to quickly gain in-depth insight to guide your decisions. It’s suddenly easier to reduce inefficiencies, cut costs and improve response times, not to mention identify potential problems with personnel. Your customers are happier and your profits are improved.

Whether your company uses ground transportation for services, deliveries or sales efforts, consider the key advantages that could come from tracking your trucks and cars below:

  1. Real-Time Insight into Operations: Know exactly where all of your trucks are at all times, as well as what speed they’re going and what direction they’re headed. This insight allows you to make decisions backed by information, so you can send the closest vehicle to a new job and prevent wasted time on the road.
  2. Staff Accountability: Gain information on exactly when employees arrive at jobs and exactly when they leave. You’ll see when there are lots of unplanned pit stops and when jobs are being skipped. When employees know you’re tracking their travel, it helps motivate them to stay on task; when they don’t, you have a covert way to find out about potential problems that occur, as they occur.
  3. Less Idle Time: Being able to track wasted time in company vehicles gives you a way to prevent that idle time from occurring. You can do something about gaps in schedules and take action to make routines more efficient. The result can be significant cost savings as your drivers work more efficiently and lower fuel costs.
  4. More Accurate Scheduling: Give your customers a good estimate of when a serviceman will arrive or when a shipment will reach them. With GPS vehicle tracking, you’re able to see when trucks are delayed or when personnel are on their way.
  5. Better Planning: The right GPS tracking not only monitors real-time conditions, but also past conditions so you can start to see patterns over time. When you’re making plans for the future, you can use that data to inform new schedules, procedures and plans.
  6. Protected Assets: No matter how many vehicles your business uses, they’re a significant investment, and that investment needs to be protected. Increase security with covert vehicle tracking that tells you the exact location of vehicles when they’re lost or stolen. Should one of your trucks or cars go missing, built-in tracking makes it easy to recover the vehicle and restore your value.
  7. Streamlined Systems: One of the best parts of GPS vehicle tracking is that it’s automatic. As soon as it’s set up and installed, it’s ready to use — and you can access data in real time straight from your mobile device. This saves you time trying to track down information and makes boosting efficiency more seamless than ever.


Small businesses of all kinds find great benefits in GPS vehicle tracking. Whether it’s painting trucks or restaurant delivery vehicles, your fleet can become more efficient, productive, streamlined and useful when you have an effective way to monitor its activity. Thanks to the advances in technology and software today, vehicle tracking is also more affordable than ever.


Author Bio:

Robert Hall is the President of Track Your Truck, headquartered in New Lenox, IL. Track Your Truck is a privately held company that provides small businesses across a variety of industries with vehicle tracking solutions. Robert has over 13 years of experience in the industry that he brings to this privately held company.

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