Top Six Worst Places to Make a Video Conference Call

Top Six Worst Places to Make a Video Conference Call

The benefits of making an online web conference with Blue Jeans or similar seminar software are numerous, especially since they allow you to conduct business from anywhere that has an internet connection. Conducting business is so much easier and more convenient if you don’t always have to travel to a room in another city to do so. Despite this, if you have to make an important online meeting or communicate with a client who you need to impress, then care should be taken when and where you conduct the conversation, even if it isn’t happening in a board room. Even everyday conferences and video chats with colleagues should be avoided in certain locations either because it makes it hard for other people on the call to hear you or you can’t focus fully. Here are just some places to avoid video conferences and where you should be holding them instead:

1.    On Transportation

Travel in general is a bad time to be making a video call, but planes are especially bad due to the unreliable internet connection, limited space, and disruption to fellow plane passengers. Trains and subways are probably even worse for bad connection and constant overhead announcements. It is useful to be able to communicate and conduct business even while travelling, but save the actual video calls for when you have arrived so that you can make the best impression and your travel won’t leave you too worn out.

2.    Outdoors
Working outdoors may be peaceful and therapeutic some of the time, but when it comes time for a video call you should really move back inside the house. Not only will you get a better internet connection, you are also free from glare from sunlight, excessive noise, pollen, and the unwanted arrival of insects. It won’t look too good in a client meeting if they can hear your neighbour’s lawnmower or are watching you try to swat away a bee. You can always go and enjoy the great outdoors when the discussion is over.

3.    A Restaurant or Coffee Shop
A lunch meeting or a chat over coffee may be great when you are talking to colleagues or clients in-person, but they don’t quite go over well over a webcam. Not only will there be background noise and distractions but microphones can also easily pick up the sounds of people eating and drinking which don’t sound very pleasant through a headset. Again, it can also be distracting to other diners who might be trying to get projects of their own done. Save the discussions for home and cut your food and beverage options to a cup of tea or coffee. If you really must have a snack during a formal assembly, then at least mute your microphone.

4.    The Library
Libraries are a great place to get some tasks done, especially if your home is too noisy or distracting, and you can take advantage of the free internet connection and research materials. Plus there are beanbags and your favourite books for when you need to unwind. It is obvious though that libraries aren’t an ideal place for talking to somebody online, as other people are trying to read, work, or study. If you absolutely must, find out if the library provides private rooms that you can use.

5.    The Bathroom

It sounds silly to think somebody would do this, yet Business Insider claims that six percent of Americans have witnessed someone conducting an online conversation from their bathroom and 24 percent said this was the worst thing you could do during a video conference. Keep this in mind as a general rule: if you wouldn’t do it in front of your mother in law, then don’t do it in a business conference.

6.    In Bed

The idea of carrying out your responsibilities from home and doing business from your own bed is tempting for many. But actually attending a group chat from your bed should be avoided. Global News Wire have reported that six percent of people have witnessed somebody doing this despite it being bad conferencing etiquette. Not only does it make you look lazy, unprepared, and unprofessional but it can be hard to get the correct webcam angle and it can muffle your speakers. Having a proper desk or office will not only give a much better impression but it will also help you to focus more on your tasks. This will also be better for your back and muscles.

The time and place that you decide on when you conduct a web chat is all part of good video conferencing etiquette. Failure to learn the proper methods can cause you to develop bad habits which are hard to kick. Take advantage of working remotely but remember to conduct all of your appointments, whether with an important client or your regular colleagues, with professionalism and the correct standards.

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