Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney

There are a number of reasons you may need an attorney, from family law issues and estate planning to criminal charges. Do you know where you would start looking for a lawyer that will do the best for you and solve your problem? If you are like most people, finding a legal professional can feel overwhelming. Therefore, consider these tips.

Get Recommendations

Your first step should include asking your friends, family, coworkers and other professionals you work with about their legal experiences. Ask them about their legal situations and what types of attorneys they have worked with. If they understand your situation, they may suggest you contact a specific law office, e.g., Tully Rinckey.

Ask about their experiences with the attorneys as well. You want someone you can work with, who remains attentive to your situation and has time to dedicate to your case. Create a list of the best candidates you learned about.

Search for Attorneys Who Practice the Type of Law You Need

Some lawyers practice in several different areas, such as real estate, business law and estate law. However, others focus on one legal area. Search for attorneys who practice the type of law you need. These lawyers have expertise in these areas and can understand the nuances of your case better than someone who does not have the same specialization.

Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney

Research Local Firms

Your next step in finding an attorney includes researching local firms because they understand local regulations and know local judges. These individuals have significant advantages over others in the field because they understand how to navigate the local courts.

Also, take your list and remove anyone who is not local. Then, research each attorney on your list. Review their credentials, the types of law they practice and their reviews. Don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau, your state bar and your local chamber of commerce.

Research Their Credentials and Resources

After you narrow your list, research the credentials of the attorneys on your list. How long have they been in practice? How many local cases have they argued and won? Review their educations and how often they complete updated continuing legal education coursework.

You should also research the firm and its resources. Find an attorney that has enough paralegals, assistants and attorneys to support them. They should also have the financial resources to handle your case. The right attorney will have these credentials readily available.

Contact the Firm

Many firms offer free consultations. In some cases, such as when you interview Tully Rinckey PLLC, you can speak with a client relations team or an initial contact person. They can share information about the firm and lawyers you may work with. You can also ask for a case review. The attorneys can review your legal issue and give you ideas about what they would do or how strong your case is. They can also guide you in how to make it stronger.

While you speak with the firms, ask about their communication preferences and how often you should expect an update. You should also ask about the process when you have questions you need answered, especially if they are urgent.

Discuss Availability and Cost

For the final firms on your list, you should discuss the availability and capability of the firm. For example, Do the attorneys have paralegals, investigators, etc. to handle your case? Ask how long it should take to complete the process. Avoid attorneys who do not get back to you within a few business days because they may be too busy to take your case.

Also, discuss costs. Legal work is expensive. You should ask about the hourly rate of the attorneys, paralegals, investigators and anyone else who will work on your case. Although the lawyers probably cannot give you a full bill, you should get an estimated cost estimate.

Avoid using cost as your only consideration. Instead, do your due diligence and find the right attorney.

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