Three Reasons You Need to Focus on Sustainability in 2020

Sustainability is certainly a popular buzzword, but the power behind it is only growing. With every new flood, every new bush fire, and every new environmental crisis, the world is faced with the consequences of a warming planet. The public are taking to the streets, more governments are stepping up to the plate, and businesses all over the world are following suit.

There are so many reasons to focus on sustainability within your business, and many different ways you can do it.

1.   Consumers are More Environmentally Conscious than Ever

Climate change is one of the biggest topics in the world right now. Thanks to activists, the media, and pressing environmental issues, the true extent of our impact is finally being known and accepted. Though there is still some hesitation about global warming, everyone can agree that pollution is a problem, plastics are a problem and waste is a problem. These are areas that every business needs to tackle in order to win over consumers who are tired of the old ways and want to support companies that, at the very least, mean that they have less to throw out at the end of the day.

2.   The Biggest Companies Are Leading the Way to a Circular Economy

If you need more proof that businesses need to take charge of sustainability, look no further than the biggest companies out there. While yes, they are certainly the biggest polluters, they are also the ones pioneering the biggest steps forward. Coco-Cola has made a commitment to 40% of all its products being made from recycled waste and has already achieved a 100% recyclable product. Other companies, of course, are going further.

At the moment, the primary trend to focus on is circularity. This means rethinking your waste. Instead of sending it immediately to a landfill, sort your waste, bale it with wire from, and then store it efficiently until it can be sold for a profit to a recycling center or to another business.

3.   Governments Are Leading the Way on Sustainable Policies

If keeping up with consumer trends and business competitors isn’t enough of a reason to focus on sustainability, then it is important to remember that what the public wants, governments give. Many countries around the world are improving their environmental laws and policies, meaning that not focusing on sustainability now could result in dead-ends in the future.

With these benefits in mind, it is critical to look at your own business and to determine which levels of sustainability work best with your business. If you offer a service, then improving production and supply lines is not going to be a focus. Reducing CO2, reduce your waste, use environmentally friendly products, investing in your employees and giving back to your community – these are areas you can instead focus on. The point is to focus on what is possible and to start today. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it also wasn’t built by putting it off to tomorrow. Improve your business and reap these benefits now.

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