The Golf: Does it Make Sense as a Business Lease?

2014-golfVolkswagen’s Golf is, let’s be honest, a car than needs no real introduction. It’s a staple of European roads, and is starting to spread its way across the United States too. Generally, it’s known to be that most quality of small family cars – well built, well specified and good to drive. At the top end there are the GTI and R versions that add a little extra adrenaline to the package too. But we’re not here to talk about the performance models. No – the question we’re asking is whether the perennial all-rounder also makes sense as a business lease – something increasingly important as more and more companies opt to give their employees a car allowance.

Traditionally, your business leases have been cars like the BMW 3 Series – entry-level executive saloons that ferry about businesspeople in comfort so that they can arrive at their next meeting refreshed, but without breaking the bank on a town car or limousine. This makes the golf a little bit of an oddball choice – it’s not hugely luxurious and comfortable is it?

The truth is that suspension systems and the like have come a long way in recent years, and your average Golf rolling off the line is going to be very comfortable even on long journeys, and will happily do the job of transporting execs in comfort. There’s plenty of specification options too if you want high-end climate control and in-car entertainment. There’s a good review here if you want to find out more about the car’s specification – it really is great all-round

So if the Golf is as good as an entry-level exec, why choose one? Simply – the price. For business leasing, Golfs represent fantastic value for money. They cost a lot less than some of their bigger rivals, which is very attractive and bring down that monthly cost considerably. It doesn’t stop there of course – fuel efficiency and emissions play a large part in decision making for two reasons. Firstly, high fuel efficiency means that you’re not going to be spending as much on petrol or diesel, and secondly, there are numerous tax initiatives that benefit company cars with low emissions levels. With some really frugal diesel engines available, the Golf has you covered.

If you’re looking for one or a fleet of company vehicles, then you’ll find it difficult to do much better than a VW Golf.

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