The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are two different terms but can often be used interchangeably as both are responsible for generating revenue for the company. However, sales and marketing are two very distinct areas with big companies having a separate department for each one.

A person working in the sales cannot shift to marketing and a person with experience in marketing cannot suddenly move to making sales. However, both sales and marketing are a part of a business and no business can succeed until it works on both the aspects.

To help you get a better understanding between the two, we have have compiled a list of some differentiating aspects. Let’s move ahead:

  1. Introduction

Marketing: Marketing is analyzing the market to see what customer demand is and then fulfilling it by introducing such products to the public. Other than this, marketing also includes advertising about a product or service so that buyers can be made aware of it.

Sales: Sales on the other hand is simply transactions of services or products between buyers and sellers. Marketing is of no use if there are no sales. You actually market something so that sales can be made as this is how you earn revenue.


  1. Process

Marketing: Marketing includes a number of steps.

  • Research is done to determine the needs and demands of customers.
  • Products are designed and manufactured to provide for the needs and demands of customers.
  • These products later go through a series of tests to check their quality.
  • Products are priced according to market conditions and other such aspects.
  • Products are to be delivered to the market.
  • Advertising of the product and services is carried out to reach out to the customers.

Marketing typically works on four P’s. They are product, price, place, and promotion.

Sales: Selling on the other hand is convincing people to buy your product and services as they fit their needs.

This can either involve in-person meetings or transactions via telephone or the internet.


  1. Target

Marketing: It is aims on targeting general public on a larger scale.

Sales: It aims on targeting particular individuals, i.e: your potential clients.


  1. Time period

Marketing: It focuses on the long-term and involves brand building as well.

Sales: Sales on the other hand only focuses on the short-term consumer demand at that particular moment.


  1. Focus

Marketing: Marketing focuses on producing products and services to match customer demand. You bring changes to the product or present it in a smart way to convince people that it’s made for them.

Sales: Sales focuses on persuading consumers into thinking that a particular product will match their need. This can be done by speaking to them directly and convincing them to buy it.

If you are wondering about how to improve company performance, then remember that you need to concentrate both on marketing and sales as they are interlinked. You cannot make sales until you market and you cannot market until you make sales.

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