Taking Inspiration from Companies Whose Offices Are Their Biggest Perks

Companies like Google, General Mills and the Campbell Soup Company might not appear to have much in common besides success in their respective sectors, but these leading companies share something very important in common – the outstanding perks they provide their employees with. Leading companies in any sector these days recognise the importance of boasting happy employees and they go about making their employees happy in different ways.

For instance, Google offers their employees haircuts free of charge (in addition to the bazillion other perks Google is famous for providing), General Mills provides their employees with lengthier holidays each year as an incentive to stick around longer, not to mention adopting the FUSE (Flexible User Shared Environment) program, and the Campbell Soup Company, well-known for its emphasis on employee happiness – the ‘Bhutan of Business’ – has an on-site kindergarten, afterschool programs and a lactation room for mothers, along with 100 percent free healthcare, healthy cooking lessons and so much more.

Employee engagement, happiness and morale is increasingly recognised as a means of gaining a competitive edge because the happier employees are, the more likely they are to put in a greater effort, work more productively and stick around longer.

Companies don’t, however, need to appoint their own ‘culture czar’ as Google has to increase employee happiness levels and one of the biggest perks companies can provide their employees with is a cool, comfortable workplace, one that’s not only conducive to being productive, but one that’s as much a perk as having one’s own parking space or corner office was back in the status obsessed 80s.

Most businesses and companies aren’t in the position that the abovementioned examples are to provide their employees with such heavenly perks, though they can benefit from engaged, happy employees by making their offices their biggest perk.

This is something well-worth paying attention to because young, talented individuals are showing greater interest in working for companies with an outstanding company culture than in salaries and benefits, important though they naturally are.

To lure talented young individuals, companies are increasingly paying greater attention to company culture and workspace as a perk, “Creating a cool (workspace) can and should reflect a company’s culture,” says a Samantha Zupan, a spokesperson for Glassdoor, a prominent job search agency, “It can be a sense of pride for employees and an attractive selling point to recruit, plus, given the intensity around recruiting, tech companies often come up with a myriad of ways to attract top talent to their company. One way is by creating an aesthetically inviting workplace.”

Here are a few examples of prominent tech start-ups whose offices are their greatest employee perks.

Asana's New Offices

Image credit: Cesar Rubio Photography


Asana’s comfy offices are located inside San Francisco’s Hamm’s Building. In addition to being dog-friendly, this prominent start-up founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz offers employees $10,000 toward the creation of a customised workspace.


A Cabana at Square

Image credit: Brant Ward, The Chronicle


Square’s offices are designed to be a self-contained city, complete with everything their employees need to work productively, and just as importantly, happily. Occupying four floors it places emphasis on interaction with a massive cafeteria large enough for everyone to eat together.


The rooftop garden at Twitter’s San Francisco office

Image credit: The Magnet


Just down the road from Square’s offices, Twitter has gone out of its way to make its employees comfortable with an arcade, yoga studio, full-service cafeteria and a wonderful rooftop garden.


Couchsurfing HQ

Image credit: Couchsurfing on Pinterest


Just as their name suggest, Couchsurfing places plenty of emphasis on working from the couch, with comfortable workstations in the form of comfy couches, a tree swing and lots of emphasis on informality which actually aids, rather than inhibits, productivity.


 Livefyre office

Image credit: Livefyre via The Muse


The social engagement and curation company’s offices are extremely employee friendly and even boasts ‘secret passageways’, soundproof ‘developer caves’, custom art installations and a furnished rooftop.


Tech start-ups are renowned for placing emphasis on making office space an employee perk, though it’s worth bearing in mind that it isn’t just the young and idealistic that have made their offices employee perks as many established companies, like the three discussed earlier, have been doing so for quite some time now; here are two more examples.


The pool at SAS Institute

Image credit: Mariah Mumbi for Capital FM

SAS Institute

“If you treat employees as if they make a difference, they will make a difference,” says an SAS Institute spokesperson, so it’s no wonder that they’ve ranked in Fortune’s Top 100 for 14 years running with their wonderful offices that include a free health centre and a wealth of additional perks.


Cisco office in San Francisco

Image credit: HiConsumption


Cisco Systems

The company is well-known for the importance it places on a healthy work-life balance and their state-of-the-art fitness centre also offers acupuncture, physical therapy and primary care.

Businesses and companies with smaller budgets than those mentioned here mightn’t be able to offer their employees free lunches, rooftop swings, bowling alleys or video arcades, though they can provide their employees with cool, comfortable offices that make for an outstanding employee perk.


Lauren Downey is writing freelance for MWB Business Exchange, a UK-based business that offers unbranded office spaces for rent to start-ups and SMEs as well as large corporations. They strive to maintain the same level of service for every client.

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