Store Wars: A New Hope (Against Ecommerce)


Running a retail operation doesn’t have to be your run of the mill setup. More and more businesses are making a store an immersive experience, and with the rise in ecommerce services, there is scope for a budding entrepreneur to bring the human touch back into shopping. Before all of that, knowing the basics of running a store has never changed, and won’t change for the foreseeable future, and before you launch headlong into a thriving department store franchise, here are some basics to get your head around to make your store the envy of every online retailer.

Check Your Location

Foot traffic is the one law of attraction you need to get people into your store, and this is why there are people whose role is to make the store appealing to anyone and everyone. The attention to detail on every aspect, from the window dressing to the location needs a lot of prior thought. If your immediate surroundings aren’t pleasing to the eye, or even properly accessible, there is no chance that people will buy your products. Look at getting asphalt replacement to the roads around your store for easy access, or increasing the safety and accessibility to parents with pushchairs or people in wheelchairs. The location is key, much like being at the top of the search engine results page.

Maintain A Theme

The most important part of building any brand is a sense of consistency. If you visualize your store having a theme, then you should stick to this throughout your marketing and promotional materials, that way people know exactly what they are getting when they set foot into your store. The same applies when you are searching for the right employees. You need them to represent your brand in the correct manner, so be sure the caliber of people are suitable for what you want to communicate and what your overarching theme is. If you are organic, free-range, and all about fair trade, you need people to empathize with your practices. That way, the message being filtered to your customers via your employees is not diluted.

It’s All About The Customer

It is as simple as that. Keep them happy, and they will spread the word about your store. Online stores don’t have the benefit of a face to face transaction with the customer. Human interaction will help to build relationships better than an email receipt. It’s also a much easier way to get feedback, which is vital when you’re starting out. Customer service is not just about a smile, it’s about helping them to the car with their items, giving honest advice, and treating them with respect. It’s the customer who ultimately pays your employees’ paychecks. Advertising can cost a lot of money to get right, but a customer who is happy with the service and will return time and time again and tell their friends about it is validation that you’re doing something right. The ecommerce market is trendy, but personal interaction is traditional, and I think people will demand a return to human interaction soon.

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