Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Custom Software

In a world where the slightest of improvements can result in providing a company with a competitive edge, every solution and idea has to be carefully thought through before being dismissed. With the rapid developments in the IT industry, especially in the software field, many new opportunities presented themselves for businesses in terms of customized apps.

In the past, these solutions were only reserved for huge corporations but now with so many software development companies, these solutions are within anyone’s grasp. Custom software solutions are usually the best and often the only solution to certain business problems. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the main reasons why small businesses should invest in custom software.

Staying Updated with Latest Trends

When you compare how business was conducted 10 years ago and how things are done now, you can clearly see that the transformations were big in almost all aspects. Currently, more than half of the Earth’s population is actively using the internet, and using applications has become an inseparable part of everyone’s daily activities. I’m talking about all platforms – desktop, mobile and online.

Meeting the needs of customers and attracting prospects with custom made applications (mobile, web and desktop) has become the new trend in the business world. And things are developing in this field at quite a fast pace, especially in the ecommerce branch and travel industry.

Documentation and File Sharing

We all know that paper piles grow exponentially with every completed project and after every salary period. Taking care of the numbers by using spreadsheets also leads to the situations when the spreadsheet is so loaded with data that maintaining it becomes a mild nightmare. This is where a customized app can come in to save the day.

You know that having real-time, visual insight into business metrics is very important. It can help the business grow and prevent some serious mistakes. This solution often comes in the form of a web app. As a matter of fact, the need for such apps is so great that it created a new market. Outsourcing made it possible for many businesses to get customized apps without having an IT expert on the payroll.

Making the Customers Happy

We live in a time when user experience and customer centric marketing are the two biggest trends driving the whole industry. Although every marketing expert advises a personalized approach, when you are handling your small business you won’t be able to address the client-related problems in person every time they arise.

A custom app can be something that connects you with the customer and also helps them solve any ongoing problems or issues faster. Custom apps can be designed to be a visual consultant, order menu, chat client, you name it. Not only do customers find custom apps informative and very helpful, but apps also help small business in building brand identity and achieving steady growth.

It’s Easier to Use One App

It’s very common for small businesses to rely on anywhere from a couple to a dozen applications to get things done. Maintaining the data input in all those apps can become very painful once the data starts to pile up, especially if you have to keep the apps synced. This applies to anything from call reminders and emails to payments and project data.

Why is customized software a good solution in this case, too? Well, when you tell your problems to software developers and what you expect your software to be able to help you with, you will end up with an all-in-one tool with a simple interface and all the functions that you need to successfully run your business. On top of that, you can also go for the mobile app so that you can do your errands on the go without geographical restrictions.

These reasons are so compelling that it becomes very clear why there are so many small businesses that use customized software solutions. These applications make businesses more competitive in terms of both increasing their agility and boosting productivity.

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Catherine Park is a professional Content Writer and a blogger full of energy and positivism. Currently she is working for BackOfficePro, a well know backoffice outsourcing firm. She is a down to earth person who loves to explore her surroundings.

Connect with her on Twitter handle @catherinejpark

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