Short-Term Payment Ideas

Emergencies sometimes happen before payday and online payday loans can help individuals, families and businesses meet obligations now. Established payday loan providers like USA Cash Services match qualified applicants with ready funds. The application process is further streamlined for established applicants in good standing: the payday lender makes funds available in about one hour! In this instance, the customer’s ATM-ready debit card is funded for his or her use, for any purpose.

Payday loan application process
Unlike traditional bank or credit union lenders, the payday lender uses the applicant’s job and bank account to make a short-term loan ($50 to $1,000). The lender uses the applicant’s financial resources, such as a regularly-paid salary or income, to determine the amount of the loan. Payday loans do not require the lender to access the applicant’s credit file, so there is no need to report the application or transaction to the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs).

The applicant answers basic questions, either online or at one of USA Cash Services’ stores, to apply for a payday loan. He or she provides name, address, and date of birth. He or she provides a checking account (bank reference) into which funds are deposited for a first loan.

The firm also checks the applicant’s payday loan history with other resources, such as Teletrack and Clarity. Of course, the applicant must agree to the lender’s terms and conditions. The borrower must sign the Disclosure Statement, Deferred Deposit Agreement, and Loan Agreement before receiving the funds.

Fast, easy loan application via the Internet
The company makes online pay loans to approved applicants living in California, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. Residents in other states, e.g. Wyoming, may apply for a loan at one of our store locations. The company cannot make loans to individuals living outside of the United States.

Visa debit card
The first approved loan is deposited to the borrower’s bank checking account. The bank makes the borrowed funds available by the next business day. Existing customers in good standing enjoy the convenience of the USA Cash Services(R) debit card to obtain the use of their loans even faster!

Payday loan benefits
“Payday Loans and Cash Advance” author James Stuart says that obtaining an established, reputable payday lender is the most crucial factor in obtaining the benefits of a payday loan.

Then, common sense rules must apply. Payday loans are not traditional loans structured over a long time period. Many payday loans are extended for a week or two, or the time interval between paychecks. Fees are paid to the lender to extend the financial service.

However, emergencies or peace of mind in troubling financial times can be met with a payday loan. Creating a good relationship with a payday lender is a good idea for the borrower’s financial future.

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