SEO Tips to Rank your Toronto Website High in Search Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your Toronto website high in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There is both an art and science to it. The art part of SEO is all about your mindset which involves remaining diligent, consistent and patient. The science part of SEO is simply the actual process of optimizing your website, building backlinks, etc. Bringing both of these together; you have a win. Below are some tips that will help you truly maximize your SEO efforts and success.

Link to Wikipedia

In your content you should link certain words to their relevant Wikipedia page. You can decide on which word you want. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a keyword, but you should make it an on-topic word. For instance, if you have the word cataract on your site, you would link it to

You do this because Google loves websites that are linking to authority sites. Your site will look important and Google will reward you with higher rankings. Make sure any links you have on your page is in your default text color or black to avoid traffic leakage.

Keep your Website about One Topic

It’s best if you stick to a primary topic on your Toronto website. You can add in other stuff, but the majority of it should be on your primary topic. Be sure you research keywords that are related to your topic and sprinkle them in on your pages.

Remove Anything that Slows your Website Down

How long your Toronto website pages take to load is important and can make or break you. Anything that is not important that bogs down your site should be removed. This can include music players, large images, flash graphics and unnecessary plugins. What you don’t need, don’t keep.

Use Social Signals

It might come to a surprise how valuable social signals can be. Google likes social engagement and when you can attract a significant amount of followers who are regularly engaging with your content, you can enjoy an increased page rank. Of course, you will find that every marketer has their own opinion on SEO and social signals and if it really has a positive effect on search engine rankings. But, more experts are now saying that social signals are becoming more important each day.

There are various ways for increasing social engagement. You should add content and images whenever possible. Set up polls to increase participation or ask questions. How-to articles or listicles seem to do well with share ability. The next time couple articles you publish, try to add in a couple of these elements to see how social engagement helps with your rankings.

Last, but not least, you need a rock-solid plan of action and stay consistent. It should be a realistic plan so don’t get all crazy in your expectations. This will only result in disappointment when you don’t see immediate results since SEO is a slow process. Just get a plan and stick to it. If you have to, hire an Toronto SEO firm to help you out. Just get started and don’t quit.

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