San Ramon is a Great Business Travel Destination

San Ramon, California is known for its beautiful environment that makes living and working a pleasure. It has a safe and attractive community for business professionals from all walks of life. With its expansive talent pool and workforce, it’s a prime spot for companies across a wide variety of industries. San Ramon is home to several tech companies, including startups and international companies. It even provides business professionals with the resources and tools they need to succeed.

With its great economy and gorgeous local climate, it’s no wonder that San Ramon is a common destination for business travelers. If you’re headed to San Ramon for work anytime soon, you’ll be interested in these tips.

The Right Places to Stay

If you’re going for a longer gig or more than a couple days, it’s a smart idea to choose an extended stay hotel. There are several in San Ramon that are great for business professionals.

The Hyatt House San Ramon offers roomy accommodations and attractive amenities such as in-room concierge service. Having room to spread out, get work done in your room, and relax in comfort can be priceless.

The San Ramon Marriot is another great choice for business travelers. It offers business services and meeting space, free Wi-Fi, and spacious rooms.

Decide Where to Go

Since there are so many business events in San Ramon throughout the year, it’s important to know which ones to attend. The most popular ones include the Business Expo and Mixer at the Bridges Golf Club, the Building Business Plan, and the #WOW19 with SocialSurvey. No matter which one you want to attend, notice the event’s keynotes and workshops. If there are overlapping themes, choosing the conference with the more relevant or interesting speakers is the clear tiebreaker.

If you’re still unsure, ask a few questions. How will you benefit from this particular event? Is it for personal gain or for work? Ask your boss and colleagues if they would attend the event and why or why not. They could provide you with a list of reasons why you should or shouldn’t attend the conference.

Look at the List of Attendees

Each event relies on its list of attendees. Look at the list and notice if there’s anyone you know or you’re interested in getting to know. You’re more than likely to see some names that stand out. Make sure to do plenty of networking while you’re there.

You should also work on maintaining your existing relationships. Don’t just attend the event to meet new contacts. Spend some time with your existing ones. If you can’t locate a list of attendees, then reach out to the event organizer on social media. If you inquire about the event, you’re likely to find out who’s attending.

Download the App for the Event

Most business conferences and events have their own apps that allow you to navigate the space. They may provide a list of keynote speakers and other information that could be valuable to you. Some of these apps have a complete schedule of the event. You can take advantage of this feature by integrating your schedule with theirs.

Maybe there are certain segments or sessions that you want to avoid. Since your time is precious, you can’t waste it on things that provide no value to you. That’s why it’s important to find out if there’s an event app available. If there is, it will allow you to make the most out of the event.

You’re There to Learn, Not to Socialize

It’s fine to circulate when you’re in a room full of people. However, this isn’t a time to goof off and socialize. This should be reserved as professional time. However, at the event, you should be friendly and mingle. You are there to learn and to get value out of something. But that socializing should be strictly business. After all, it’s a professional event for a reason.

Don’t Forget to Connect and Follow-Up

There’s someone fascinating that you met at the event. You realized that the individual you’ve spoken with can be a valuable asset to your business. The worst thing you can do is not follow-up with that contact. You shouldn’t waste valuable contacts.

Make an effort to follow-up with all your intriguing leads or new contacts after the event ends. Locate the person on social media, exchange contact information, and do everything to stay in contact with that person. You never know how they can help your business.

Are you ready to attend an event in San Ramon? There are other things you should do other than the ones addressed here, but these should be your top priority. Do your research and have fun. Remember that each contact you meet is valuable, and the event will provide a learning experience that will help you and your company.

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