Ranking Higher in Google in Huntsville

Prior to 2020, a lot of businesses could still operate without needing to have a presence on the Internet. However, with the onset of a global pandemic hitting the U.S. with full weight, there isn’t a business today that doesn’t realize it needs a web presence to survive. And the second most important thing to having a web presence now is to also have a decent rank score so that people can actually find your business online.

Ranking Higher in Google in Huntsville

Let Go of the Old Phonebook

Let’s be frank, the days when people went looking through the yellow pages for something needed are long gone. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to even find a public phone booth with a phone book in it today. The Internet is the go-to tool to search for everything, and now most people are doing so on their phones instead of computers and laptops. And it’s Google that sits at the top of that search mounting responding to the most requests in total. Google searches make up 80 percent of what’s asked for out there, and just about every mobile device search goes through Google by default. If that’s not clear enough why a business needs to have a search presence, then it’s pretty clear that the company won’t be operating for very long in the near future.

Getting a decent search optimization and SEO ranking takes a lot more than just hanging out a digital shingle, unfortunately. A successful campaign has to go through the process of building digital brand awareness, and that takes time, a lot of work, and a lot of new electronic relationships to get your website presence and connection known and referred to. And going in blind is a sure-fire way to end up spending a lot of money bumping around without direction, instead of producing real results in the way of website traffic and action, whether it be in the form of new customer contacts or the most practical response, sales.

Building With New Tools

Good SEO ranking requires an understanding of what people are looking for when they are trying to fill a need or solve a problem and how that relates to your product or service verbally. It involves placing those terms in such a way that they are useful, and your business becomes the digital go-to destination for the answer. It also involves building your website on a regular basis with an ongoing content build, new information that people want to read, providing solutions, and being referred to by others are a valuable resource online.

If you’re not sure how to get started with your Huntsville SEO needs, then it’s time to bring onboard some experts to give your business a good start in the digital world. The last thing you want to be doing is spending a lot of effort going up against some of the big box stores and presences that dominate their sections of the digital economy. That’s a waste of time and money. Instead, you want to find a particular niche that really solves problems for people, develop your business as the key expert in that niche, and then become the party that dominates that angle of your industry online. It’s doable with the right help, but you have to be willing to pick up that smartphone and ask for support. That’s the first step. And you’re not alone. Everyone is realizing they have to be online now, even charity and non-profit organizations.

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