Quick Tips for Faster Production Line Management

Looking for ways to speed up your company’s production line? Follow these simple tips for cutting speed while processing orders. You’ll be surprised how a few small changes will improve efficiency across the board.

Move from Machine- to Worker-Based Pacing

It’s easy to assume a conveyor belt will keep your employees on task, but evidence shows workers actually complete production faster when allowed to perform their jobs naturally. Why? They don’t suffer from stress.

Lucille Ball and Ethel Merman taught people the risks of conveyor belt processing. It’s a lesson factory workers everywhere have found difficult to forget. In record time, one mistake can lead to a dozen, and it doesn’t have to be your mistake either. When you set the bar for success at a machine’s pace, both morale and performance suffer.

Train Employees to Complete Preventative Maintenance

When equipment breaks down, your schedule grinds to a halt. Give your employees a sense of ownership over their roles in the production line by making them capable of preventing these problems. Train them to check essential parts – from belts to v-groove casters – for excess wear. Teach them how to notice problems before they begin.

Not only will your workers feel more capable and invested in their jobs, but they will save you time and money in a practical way. Preventative maintenance is essential in staying on-task. It also helps to avoid costly repairs occurring when minor parts fail and contribute to major mechanical problems.

Arrange Work Stations According to Need for Speed

Each product enjoys its own unique evolution. When you change from one project to the next, both bottlenecks and lulls in activity will appear at different places along the production line. Make sure your setup allows for moving workers where they’re needed in a fast and efficient way.

Place more manpower in areas where work builds up to increase traffic flow. Cross-train workers too so moving people isn’t a problem or delayed until you identify the right workers to swap out from one area to the next. Keeping a fluid working and training environment ensures you get the most of every hour spent on the production floor.

When it comes to success, the human experience makes the biggest impact. Focus on making the most of it. Allow your workers to set the pace, make them a valuable tool in preventing machine failure and ensure you have the manpower you need where you need it by cross-training your staff to handle all of the jobs on your assembly lines in order to shorter your production times.

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