Parlaying Land Development Into Other Lucrative Areas Of Business

A whole generation of “overnight” millionaires have attained to that exalted status by making use of their innate ability to parlay their success in one area of business into a lucrative payoff in a whole other area. Louis Ceruzzi, along with many others, has been one of this unique and storied breed. It should be recognized, however, by the astute reader that this success was earned the hard and honest way and not simply handed to anyone. The ability to make money in one business certainly does not guarantee one the right of way in plunging headlong into another business without first paying your dues.

If You Want To Cruise, You’ve Got To Pay The Dues

The old adage, “If you want to cruise, you’ve got to pay your dues”, is particularly instructive in this instance. For example, Ceruzzi became a powerful and influential member of the restaurant industry after first proving himself as a guaranteed bet for success in the property development business. Others of his class have leap frogged in similar fashion from one industry to another, while successfully managing to prolong their winning ways. Part of their success has, of course, been sheer good fortune, but a much larger proportion has been their inquisitiveness, tenaciousness, and patience.

An Economy In Constant State Of Change Enables Transition

A Western styled free enterprise economy, working on all cylinders in prime health, is precisely the sort of economy that enables these smooth and efficient transitions between wholly different segments of the economy. It isn’t hard to see why once you take into full account the correlation between seemingly disparate industries. The fact of the matter is that all industry in a Western free enterprise economy, regardless of its origins or ultimate purpose, operates by certain cardinal rules that render it appreciable and approachable to those who take the time to learn and truly master them.

The Rules Of The Game Govern The Entire Industry

The art of the deal is a phrase that applies not only to the transaction of commerce between businesses, but also to the entire philosophy that underpins the entire free enterprise economy. Mastering the art of timely transitions between different sectors of industry is part and parcel of knowing not only when to hold your cards and when to fold them, but also when to call for a whole new deck of cards. This should not be viewed in a cynical manner as simply jumping ship, but should in fact be applauded as exhibiting an excellent sense of versatility and dexterity in the fine art of profit seeking.

What The Future Holds For Versatile Entrepreneurship

While it is clearly impossible to predict exactly what the future may hold for those adroit and capable individuals who are able to master and practice the art of versatile entrepreneurship, one thing is certain: The future of the free enterprise economy, as both ideal and reality, depends on such individuals being able to make such leaps into the unknown. Without the possibility being there to take such risks, the world economy will grow stagnant and torpid. It is thus an excellent thing that a new breed of business minded professionals takes it upon themselves to explore whole new worlds of commerce.

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