Marketing Campaigns: 6 Types Of Marketing Methods Your Brand Should Consider

Marketing is a way of reaching potential and existing customers, resulting in more brand awareness and in turn, more sales. Over the years, as technology has advanced, and as such, marketing as we know it has changed drastically. While some traditional methods are still being used, many new and innovative marketing methods have come into play.

Each method of marketing you may consider when promoting your business will reach different audiences and depending on your brands identity, you need to decide which one suits you. To help you, here are 6 different methods of marketing for you to consider, both new and old.

Marketing Campaigns: 6 Types Of Marketing Methods Your Brand Should Consider

Email Marketing

Emails are a great tool for communicating, not only can your business use them for customer service enquiries, but also for marketing. They are delivered directly into your customers personal inbox, ensuring that they receive it, unlike other methods which can be skipped over.

Being one of the most cost-effective of the bunch, email marketing is a great way of reaching customers, and you can measure it from the clicks it receives to your landing page. Email is the currency of the internet and with it you can send out e-newsletters, promotional emails, or ads. Email marketing can essentially be free as a small business when starting out with a small customer base, you just need some basic skills or find someone with these skills to assist you.

A positive of email marketing is that for existing customers, you can personalise the email based off previous purchases, providing them discounts and opportunities. Marketing to existing customers will not only boost your sales, but it will improve your mutual loyalty to each other as you are giving back to them through promotions.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is traditional, and it is sent out via a postal service. It arrives at our house, and its purpose is to advertise a business alongside their products or services. Direct mail comes in various forms, being that of, catalogues, postcards, letters, flyers, and more. It is sent out based off carefully targeted geographic areas and crafted with persuasive messages for the recipient, or in some cases it is sent directly to customers off a mailing list.

Direct marketing is still being used, as many individuals still enjoy opening physical post. While email and other technological tools can save you time, direct mail is a useful solution to start generating leads. To ensure your direct mail marketing campaign stands out from the typical junk, check out these direct mail marketing ideas to make your marketing campaign stand out and show your potential customers what they can expect from your products or services.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing in some cases uses the power of the web to encourage sales.

One of the most popular methods being search engine optimisation (SEO) – if you have ever wondered how Google decides what websites to put first when you conduct a search, well this is it. SEO essentially takes a piece of online content and optimises it, considering things like headlines, key words, and other aspects to help your business boost traffic through search engine results.

Other forms of internet marketing we see is affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and more. It is a method of marketing which will encourage new business to your website and through the internet will generate traffic.

Content Marketing as One of Your Marketing Methods

Content Marketing

Content marketing has exploded over the last decade and is said to have extreme benefits to your business. Not only does content marketing generate over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, it is also said to be cheaper as long as a member of your team can write successfully and efficiently. And it is now recommended that all businesses should own a blog. Here they are able to promote not only their business, but share listicles, step-by-step guides on specific topics, and so much more. Not only are they generating more traffic to the website, but they will also be promoting their products or services through association with the information in the post.

Experimental Marketing

Here is where technological advances come into play, with the growing of the digital age, we have become attached to our phones and our computers. Experimental marketing pulls consumers into an experience to inspire, educate, or entertain, all while simply raising brand awareness. It will come in the form of seminars, conventions, but more recently, webinars, and successfully podcasts.

Though it can be more time-consuming and requires more of your effort, this type of engagement from a business can encourage and deepen relationships between brands and their customers.

Social Media Marketing

In this digital age, it is no surprise that the popularity of marketing through social media has skyrocketed as 57.6% of the world’s population is now actively using social media. Social media is one of the best platforms for marketing with the need to interact and engage with customers as it offers people to have a conversation directly with the brands in a way it would not have been able to in the past.

Many brands starting out use social media as their only marketing tool, this is due to its flexibility and interaction as previously mentioned. With other methods, you don’t have the same tools, so essentially you are paying a higher price for less, though this depends on your target customer. With social media, not only can you interact with customers, but you can receive reviews in comments, get shares on posts, promoting your business further, and in some cases, make business transactions through the applications.

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools, no matter the size of your business, be it small or large. There is so many different platforms for a variety of medias, including Instagram and TikTok. The limits are endless as to what you can achieve with just making a post, sharing a photo, or even making a video to promote your business and gain brand awareness.

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