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Small business owners face many challenges when it comes to staying afloat in a sea of big-name corporations. Making a name for your company and providing a memorable customer experience is vital for maintaining a competitive edge. Promoting your business is much more than simply passing out flyers or holding a sign on a street corner. Word of mouth is far more effective when it comes to getting your name out and building a positive reputation. It doesn’t matter what kind of a business you run, chances are if customers receive a special token with your company name on it, they will remember and tell others.

Every customer wants to feel important and appreciated. Often the little details of a visit are remembered far longer than the product or service received. Warmly greeting each customer by name is flattering and meaningful and makes each customer feel treasured. Think about the clientele that you serve. If children often accompany their parents in your office, serve warm, fresh cookies or give a small toy or balloon. If your customers bring their pets during visits offer treats and a clean bowl of water. The little details, ones that are easily overlooked or brushed off, influence the way customers perceive you. Being more accommodating and making customers feel special will cause customers to rationalize paying more or traveling further for your unique service.

We’ve all received a typed letter in the mail that starts with the words ‘Dear Customer’. Did that letter make you feel appreciated? While the intentions were there, the execution was lacking. Send handwritten notes to customers and address them formally by name to set your company apart. Taking the time to send a note may be the one extra bit of customer service that brings the client back again and again. Send a note of appreciation after a major purchase or after a patron sends another customer your way. Maybe some of your customers haven’t been around in a while. If so, send a letter letting each person know they are truly missed.

Everyone loves to receive a special message in the mail on or around their birthday. To cut costs, have a large number of generalized birthday cards printed. Start with the individual’s name and then write a personalized special note within each before sending in the mail. Depending on what your company does, try offering a special birthday discount or coupon in the card. But avoid discussing sales or trying to get them to make a purchase within the text of the card. The card is about the customer, a simple remembrance of their special day.

More and more businesses have given up on giving gifts to customers during the holidays, especially as the economy is in a slump. You do not have to go all-out, but a small present is a great way to say thank you, celebrate the holiday season, and stand out from your competition. While offering a gift related to your business might seem like the most logical and simple thing to do, it isn’t always the best way to be remembered. As a small business, many of your customers are more like family than clientele. So there’s no need for a subtle sales pitch. Food and wine baskets are always happily received by customers. Or you can make an eco-friendly statement with some organic, free-trade chocolates or soaps. Try to keep gifts and cards general; remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Whether you send a gift or a simple wish, take advantage of a great way to stand out above the large corporations which use numbers for their customers rather than names.


Olivia Nicholas is a writer and blogger. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.

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