Make Sure the Basics are Covered When Marketing a Product

So, you’ve got a product or service that you believe is alluring and unstoppable. You think customers will flock to it via word of mouth alone because it’s simply that incredible. Though a superior product is vital, it is not the end-all and be-all of the matter: it is only one facet of a successful venture (albeit an important one). Without a marketing strategy, a business may not find anyone willing to take a risk on an unknown product or service, thus ending the new endeavor before it has even begun. But even with a strategy in place, there are still countless mistakes that a company can make.


Turned Off by a Spelling Error

While perusing my fridge the other day, I stumbled upon an expensive bottle of syrup purchased by one of my roommates: 12.7 fluid ounces for $18.99. Other brands of syrup can be acquired for considerably less, but this one was supposedly special, different, and worth the price. I tested this on a nice stack of pancakes and it was true: the syrup was remarkablybetter than its comparatively cheap cousins. The hook for this luxury was that it was “small batch, chef selected, double rich, pure maple syrup” and that it was made in Michigan. At this point in our consumer-product relationship, I acknowledged the fact that—if I had the money—I would purchase this stuff, even though it was well out of my price range. But suddenly, my mind was swayed differently. The problem came when I read the description on the label: Instead of it saying “Michigan,” it said “Michgan.”


The Damage Was Done

Born and raised in Michigan (not “Michgan”), I’m proud of where I come from. A product made in this state—or any state, really—should have that same pride. The company should also be able to spell the state correctly, or at least be able to recognize when someone has made a crucial spelling error. Though the product was delicious, luxurious, tantalizing—all of that—I found myself frustrated and betrayed by a simple mistake, something that could have easily been fixed with a thorough review of the labeling.

Matt Knaack lives in Michigan and occasionally blogs for Deksia.
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