Make a Statement in Your Home or Office with the Right Coat Stands

Make a Statement in Your Home or Office with the Right Coat Stand

Of all the furniture available for home or office, the humble coat rack is probably the most ignored. Often being bought as a practical afterthought, when somebody asks where they can hang their coat. Yet coat stands are much more than that. Practical – certainly, functional – undoubtedly. But also a piece of furniture that can make a statement about home or workplace.

Who said racks were just for coats?

They can be used purely as a decorative item, to highlight a corner in home or office. They can hold an array of hats and caps, or show off a collection of umbrellas. They are available with base boxes to house several walking sticks, or with a bar to hold outside footwear. Using small hangers, they can be part of an ornamental piece, and used to hold house, office, and car keys. While wall mounted coat racks in your home’s hallway or porch, holding the family’s wet weather gear, can provide a warm welcoming feel for new or regular visitors.

Choosing your coat stand

With so many distinct styles of coat racks or stands made from different materials, finding coat stands to match existing furniture or to make a lifestyle comment, just takes a little searching. As a practical piece of furniture, the hallway of your home, or office reception area, may be the most logical place to fit it. More often than not it will be a straight wall- fitted rack, with your preferred number of hangers. However, ornamental coat racks are also used as a decorative feature in homes and offices. Either to enhance an area of a room, or as an attractive, functional aid for such things as climbing house plants.

Choosing the right size coat rack

The first thing to consider when choosing your coat rack is its size. Of course, it needs to fit where you want it to go, but it’s a little more than that. You want your stand to enhance the room and the furniture in it, rather than being an item that detracts from the furnishings you already have. Unless of course, the idea is to make the coat rack the centerpiece of the room or office.

Choosing your style of coat stand

Choosing Coat Stands for Your Style

Older style solicitors or accountants offices may be rather dark, formal and austere in decoration. These tend to lend themselves to traditional, dark wood coat and hat stands. Modern contemporary IT offices will likely be light, bright, and airy. Glass and chrome workstations, with brightly coloured seating and décor, is the order of the day. In these situations, modern metal, chrome, light-wood or painted stands, may be the preferred choice. Schools and nurseries can give their coat and hat stands a little child appeal, by giving each hook a child’s name, or decorating their coat stands with farmyard and jungle animals.

So, if you are re-arranging your home, or revamping the office, take a closer look at the latest coat racks. And consider something with a little more than just coat appeal.

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