Leaflet Design – How to Use Leaflets as Powerful Marketing Tools for Your Business

Leaflets can be one of the most strategic documents in your product positioning and sales process. To create an effective leaflet that generates results, you must plan it correctly. Below, are 5 key questions that you should answer before designing your leaflet.


  1. What is the purpose of your leaflet in the purchase process?

What do you want the leaflet for? In which part of the buying decision process of your customers do you want to use it? What results are you looking for with your advertising leaflet?

The leaflet can basically serve as five points of contact in your purchase process:

  • Leave-behind: to leave with a customer after an initial meeting.
  • Point of sale: to leave at counters or strategic points where potential customers usually go.
  • Respond to enquiries: to send after a potential customer asks about a specific product or service. This can be done physically or online and requires personalised follow-up.
  • Direct mail: to send information to specific customers either via email or postal mail. You are prospecting potential customers.
  • Sales support tool: to support the presentation of or sales of your services / products.


  1. Who is your leaflet intended for?

A leaflet is made for the customer … it sounds obvious, right? So, when you write your text, choose photos and colours, think about connecting with your customers.

Know how your customers speak, how they like to be spoken to. In first or third person? Do you need technical or simple language? Formal or informal? What excites them? What problem do you seek to solve with your product or service?


  1. Is your leaflet part of a campaign or is it an independent tool?

If, for example, you opt for A6 leaflet printing as part of a comprehensive advertising campaign where other media such as radio, press, AdWords, etc. will participate, the content and the same design should be aligned to the strategy and central message of the campaign.

In case your leaflet is an independent marketing tool, its content will depend on the purpose and / or use of the leaflet.


  1. Tell a story in your leaflet.

Once you know your market it is time to define the content structure that your leaflet must have in order to be effective.

Do not make your content boring, mentioning your products and / or services, benefits, features and incredible qualities only. Create a story with all this.

Remember, the purpose of the leaflet, keep in mind the moment when people will receive it in your shopping process. What information do they need to pay attention to?

If customers have already heard your sales presentation, you may need information about success stories to increase their confidence in your proposal and encourage them to close a deal with you.

If you use the leaflet at points of sale, maybe what you need is information on how to solve a certain problem with the help of your company.

Whatever the case, develop a structure in story format: a design that impacts and intrigues, an introduction, climax and outcome. Generate a leaflet with valuable content that helps and generates a pleasant experience, not simply generic and boring content.


  1. Ensure the visual aspect does not ruin your story

The last part to consider before starting the leaflet design and print process is to define the visual support that you will integrate into it.

Based on the structure of its content, you should be quite clear what kind of images, photos or graphics you need to incorporate to make your story more attractive, emotional and reliable.

Take care that your material is of high quality, do not ruin all the previous work by wanting to include badly taken photos, in low resolution. The images should help you generate emotions, confidence or reputation.

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