Keeping Customers Happy: 3 Things Store Owners Should Do

When a customer buys something in a store once, that’s great. Something drew that client in to explore, and they found something worthwhile. A return is even more valuable, revealing viability and a chance to improve profits. Why did this person return? What might keep someone from walking back through the doors? Merchandise certainly must match needs, but that isn’t enough. Store owners must also focus on how a shopper is treated and what the building looks like. These both make a major impression; therefore, to encourage repeat sales, consider the following three things.

Keeping Customers Happy: 3 Things Store Owners Should Do

1. Clean Premises

People don’t want to shop in a mess or somewhere that’s dirty. It’s the wrong impression. Chaos, first of all, is a distraction, making it hard to locate what someone desires. Secondly, for some people, a lack of organization may produce feelings of anxiety and stress. This unpleasant sensation is not desirable and turns potential customers away. Focus on picking up space daily and structuring displays. Buyers should be able to walk in and out with ease, feeling good about where they are.

2. Pleasant Employees

Price is important. It’s essential, but some customers may spend more and return more when treated with kindness and courtesy. Staff should address shoppers nicely, asking if they require help. Smiles are vital. They signal that others are welcome. On the other hand, snarkiness and personal interests indicate that people lack value. Instruct employees to remain focused on buyers. They should be off of the phone and not speaking with friends. 

What about when someone has a problem? The old saying is true about the customer being right. Okay, they may not be correct, but it’s best to side with the person paying for an object. If that isn’t possible, speak respectfully and offer a discount for a future purchase.

3. Maintained Supplies

Prevent people from getting annoyed by concentrating on little things. Is the cart broken? Is it squeaking like crazy? Mentally, situations like these could become a turnoff, sending customers out of the store sooner than you would like. Look over equipment and supplies regularly to ensure it is in proper working condition. That includes stocking up on replacement parts like heavy duty caster wheels.

A happy shopper is important. Treat others well and make them feel at home. These steps establish a mood in which people feel good and welcome. That emotional connection may bring them back through the doors for more.

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