Jacques Poujade On: 3 Reasons Why Property Management Business Are Thriving

Being a landlord in the United States, or anywhere around the world for that matter, is a pretty nice opportunity if done correctly. With so many different renters out there, there is money to be made if a property is enticing.

The money isn’t just restricted for those people who invest in property either. In fact, as Jacques Poujade, an expert in real estate, points out, there are opportunities as a property management business as well.

In this scenario, people can make money by providing a specific service. Not all people who have money are able to manage their property by themselves. When they need assistance, this is where a business can step in and make some money. Here are three reasons why this type of business is not slowing down any time soon.

Rent keeps going up

It seems like more and more people are looking for rentals instead of trying to buy in their local area. That means the rent asking price is going to continue to go up, and that is good news for any property management business out there trying to survive.

A company that is able to manage properties will have a great opportunity to thrive with all the different rentals in a single market. It takes making some connections with local owners who are renting out, but that usually can happen over time.

Vacation rentals taking over the hotel industry

Gone are the days in which people only think about hotel options when going on a vacation. While there are plenty of hotels to choose from, most people can get a better deal with a vacation rental. There are long-term rentals available for weeks and even months at a time, but there is also an option to go with short-term rentals as well. Companies like Airbnb are really starting to make it a reality to rent a home for just a day or two without any holdups.

By going with a rental over a hotel, there are usually less fees associated with the trip. This is good news for anyone who is trying to save even a little bit of money, or maybe they don’t need the bonuses to come with a hotel such as a pool, business center and more.

Technology helping property management

If a person can use technology to their own advantage, they have a chance of managing more properties without having to really stretch themselves too much. That is because it is so much easier to keep up to date with everything, keep things organized and contact help when needed.

In the past, property management just wasn’t that streamlined. It can be a pretty helpless thing for a person to have to do without the help of technology. Now, everybody is just a call away, so it speeds up the entire process. The more things can be automated, the easier it is to be a property manager at any type of level.

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