Installing a Pergola: 5 Reasons To Hire a Professional

If you consider yourself to be reasonably competent at DIY tasks you might consider the idea of installing a pergola yourself to be well within your capabilities.

You can buy a kit, such as a bronze 12×12 pergola, for instance, that will look great in your garden and give you hours of enjoyment. However, if you get any aspect of the installation wrong you could regret the idea of going down the DIY route.

Here are some valid reasons to consider hiring a professional to do the installation work.

It’s all in the planning

Every construction project requires good and detailed planning. If you get that aspect of the installation process right it will make all the difference to achieving a successful design and build outcome.

However, if you have not installed a pergola before, which is likely if you are a DIY enthusiast and not a professional installer, there are key aspects to the planning that you could get wrong.

If any of the measurements or load-bearing calculations are wrong, for instance, that could have implications and hinder your ability to finish the job correctly.

Getting the design right is crucial

You might think that designing a pergola to fit your space is not that difficult. Although some pergola designs are more straightforward than others, it is all too easy to get certain aspects of the design wrong when you do it yourself.

A professional will know what materials to use and how to accommodate all of your requirements into the design.

Save time by using a professional

Even if you set aside some spare time to do the installation yourself it rarely works out that you can get everything done properly within your estimated timescale.

As the saying goes, time is money. If you are spending a lot of your time trying to complete a pergola installation by yourself you could have been using that time more productively.

Using a professional will save time and ensure that you don’t get stressed about finishing your pergola ready for the season ahead.

You could actually save money by using a professional

A fundamental reason why you might decide to choose the DIY option is to save money. However, that could turn out to be a false economy.

If you make mistakes and ruin materials that have to be replaced, that sort of cost can soon add up. You will also need to invest in all the right tools and equipment to be able to get the job done to the required standard.

When you add all of those things up you might come to the conclusion that it could be more cost-effective to hire a professional.

A professional has all the installation know-how required

Using someone who has installed hundreds of pergolas already is a no-brainer. They have all of the professional expertise to install everything correctly.

You will often get a guarantee for their work and you will know that your pergola will have been built to last for as long as possible when it has been put together by a professional. Choosing to have a pergola in your garden is a brilliant idea and well worth doing. That same sentiment applies to the idea of getting a professional to do the installation work for you.

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