Incognito Mode: What Doesn’t It Protect Against?

Privacy was once one of the most valued concepts of human decency and civility. However, over the years, privacy has grown into a fallacy and a little bit of a grey area. We live in a time when one could fit their entire life on their PC or phone. Unfortunately, while this is a fantastic factor of convenience, it also presents significant risks with the violation of privacy being one of the most vital ones.

Governments, corporations and malicious individuals are always trying to access our private information, using any means necessary, for their benefit. The threat of hacking is higher than ever before. Out of necessity, people have grown more conscious about the vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity, how to cover such vulnerabilities and avoid becoming victims of cyber attacks. For instance, most people understand the necessity and importance of incognito browsing which allows individuals to surf the internet without leaving traces of information in the form of cookies that could be used to identify and track you.

Nevertheless, while it is crucial to safeguard privacy, there comes a time when one must go on the offensive and invade other’s privacy. I mean, how else is a parent supposed to keep his/her children safe in today’s world? Take for instance WhatsApp. It is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps and is claimed to be completely secure, which means that it collects all kinds of personal data such as location information, contact information and has access to system applications such as the camera, microphone and more. All the information collected by WhatsApp makes it the ideal way to spy on people. However, how does one go about spying on WhatsApp without being noticed?

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