Impressing the Hawk – How to Make your Business Look Fresh

Just imagine you’re a real hotshot in your business arena. You’ve got it all – a private jet, natty suits, more cash than you could ever spend and a keen eye for solid investments. In the business world, they call you The Hawk, with your ability to hunt down entrepreneurial prey and feast on the rewards.

One day, as you idle around on your jewel-encrusted yacht, you happen upon what you think is a solid investment and head on down to their business premises to see where the action happens. And, what do you find?

Bleurgh, the place is a tatty mess. Paint peels from the outside of the building, the employees seem to slump in their work and the washroom… well, let’s just say it doesn’t look like this business hires a cleaner.

Stepping back from the mess of this business, you jet back off to your palatial mansion and never contact them again. Who wants to work with someone who can’t even keep their house in order?

What could this business have done to hold The Hawk’s attention? Well, follow some of these tips to make your business look more appealing to the outside world and the eyes of any playboy billionaires that might pass by.

Your washrooms

If you’ve got a mangy washroom, it isn’t just people like The Hawk who’ll be disgusted – it could cause poor hygiene in your employees which, in turn, will lead to an increase in staff absences and a marked decrease in productivity.

To remedy the issue, give your washroom an upgrade with high-tech hand dryers, sanitary bin disposal, anti-bacterial soap and a cleaner to keep that toilet-freshness ticking over. That way, you can impress The Hawk and keep your employees happy and healthy.

Your offices

Those slumped, greying offices simply won’t do if you’ve got clients visiting and, again, could lead to less productivity from your workers. No one likes to work in a shoddy environment, so inject a little life into your offices.

Try out a spot of artwork to really give your employees a boost.

And by artwork, we don’t mean those tedious motivational posters that try to wheedle enthusiasm from you with cringe-worthy quotes like “Climb the mountain of hard work to reach the peak of success” or “Turn that frown upside down in your workplace”.

They’re the type of “art” that only the lobotomised could appreciate.

No, go for something with a bit of personality that might capture the imagination of your employees. Who knows? It might even make their work that little bit better.

Your exteriors

Let’s cast our mind back to when you were The Hawk standing outside that building. Ugh, a tatty mess was all you saw. But, what could have helped it out?

Naturally, a fresh lick of paint can help any building look newer. More than this, you might have to consider how that company logo emblazoned on your door is conveying your image. Could it do with a redesign to make your business look more welcoming?

Either way, follow a few of these tips and The Hawk might just swoop their way into your office and help you find success.

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