How to Protect Your Data as a Small Business

How to Protect Your Data as a Small Business

Businesses of all sizes depend on data to thrive. As a small business, though, your company must pay special attention to data protection, as a loss of data could cause irreparable damage that leads to the failure of your company. By taking some common-sense steps, though, you can do a better job of protecting your data from all types of threats. To help your company avoid disaster, here are a few tips to help you protect your data as a small business.

Invest in Backup Power

When it comes to your business’s digital data, a constant flow of power is necessary to protect the devices on which the data resides. Even if you use off-site data storage, you need electricity to connect to the network to be able to back-up that data. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in backup power solutions. Whether you use a generator to provide power to your entire facility or you use smaller battery backups on individual computers, it’s important that you give yourself time to protect your data if your main power source is interrupted.

Utilize Off-Site Storage

Running an on-site backup server can be cost-prohibitive for a small business. Plus, if there is some type of natural disaster, your data will still be in danger. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose from different managed backup solutions to protect your business’s data. In addition to being secure, these solutions allow you to scale your storage as your business grows.

Limit Access

All types of data, whether physical or digital, are at risk of being misused if it falls into the wrong hands. That’s why it’s important to limit access to your business’s data as much as possible. Carefully consider which of your employees needs to be able to access various categories of data so that you don’t end up with a free-for-all that results in lost or stolen data. Though it may be less convenient at times, it is far more secure to follow this approach.

Update Security Software

One of the simplest ways to protect locally stored digital data is to regularly update the security software on your business’s computers. Regardless of which software suite you use, it’s important to make sure it’s up-to-date so that new security threats can be stopped before they have a chance to endanger your business’s data. If you only have a few computers, it’s generally easier and less expensive to update each computer individually instead of deploying a network security solution.

For all types of business data, there are new security threats emerging all the time. Though you don’t have to be paranoid about these threats, you should remain vigilant so that you can be aware of these threats as they appear. This will allow you to make the proper preparations to allow your business to continue uninterrupted.

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