How To Outage-Proof Your Small Business In 2022

Power outages are a big threat for small businesses as they can do more than disrupt operations. They can be a challenge, whether you run a manufacturing concern, a retail store, or an IT company. Even a few minutes of blackout can affect your services, customer experience, and reputation. While you cannot do much about preventing outages from sources, preparing your business to face such situations is crucial. Thankfully, there are ways to outage-proof your small business without spending a fortune. Here are some actionable measures you can implement in 2022.

Have a plan to deal with outages

Before anything else, you need an action plan to deal with an outage whenever it happens. Creating an emergency response plan and communicating it to your employees is crucial. Ensure that everyone in the team knows how to handle a sudden disruption, whether it affects operations or foot traffic. It will keep everyone on the premises safe even when lights go out. You can also rest assured about protecting your equipment and appliances from damage.

Prioritize safety

The threats of a power outage go beyond stopping operations. Human safety is a bigger concern when the premises plunge into darkness. Ensure that your employees and customers do not use elevators or escalators when lights are out. If power lines are down, no one should try approaching them. Educate people and install signage that reminds them about staying safe during such situations. Provide employees with first-aid kits to ensure they can deal with mishaps and injuries if they happen.

Invest in a reliable backup solution

Nothing is more important than having a reliable backup solution when it comes to outage-proofing your small business. Consider buying a dual fuel generator as it is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Moreover, you get the advantages of using natural gas to run the generator. The benefits include no maintenance, longer runtimes, and no hassles to refill the tanks. Not to mention, you can depend on this backup solution to keep your business up and running even during blackouts.

Fix roles and responsibilities

Installing a backup generator is only half the work. You also need to fix roles and responsibilities, assigning the task of operating the system during an outage. Training is crucial to enable employees to operate the generator safely. Also, have a proper place for the generator as using it under wet conditions can be dangerous. Adequate ventilation is essential to curb the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Invest in surge protection

Besides ensuring human safety during power outages, you must also take steps to protect your assets. Investing in surge protectors can keep your appliances and equipment safe from a sudden change in voltage. The risk of surges runs high during storms and outages. It is a small price compared to the cost of replacing damaged manufacturing equipment or computers..

Keeping your business safe from power outages need not burn a hole in your wallet. But it can save you from big problems. Follow these simple measures, and you can safeguard your operations, people, and reputation.

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