How to Make a Statement in Business with Men’s Watches

Being a businessman, a sales representative, an entrepreneur – or just being a professional – needs a particular kind of finesse. After all, you should be able to carry yourself to various events and gatherings in order to socialize and connect with other figures in the industry, which could certainly be a good boost for your brand and your personal career. However, making a mark in the industry isn’t always about having the best innovations or wearing the best clothes. Sometimes, it’s all in how you bring them, or in what accessories you wear. In fact, when it comes to accessories that bring the attention to your direction, a men’s watch can be the suitable tool for you. In this article, you’ll find out how to make a statement in business with men’s watches.

Making Impressions: Also Affecting Perception, Confidence

Making a statement in business with watches for men aren’t only directed towards clients and customers, but also projected onto the wearer. It’s important to understand that men are also just as likely to be affected by body image issues, which can seep into their social performance at work when not improved. In fact, according to The Guardian, 80.7-percent of men talk about their own or another man’s appearance in ways that draw attention to their slim frame, lack of hair, or weight. 23-percent also said appearance issues have discouraged them from going to the gym, with 29-percent thinking about their appearance at least five (5) times a day. As such, something like a business watch that can potentially boost appeal can greatly affect how a businessman presents himself to clients and customers. Here’s how you can make a statement with them:

  • Assess your dress watch and its purpose: Before your dress watch gets to work for your particular style and taste, always remember that not all dress watches work with all outfits. As such, it’s important to make an assessment as to just what business purposes you want your dress watch to “shine” for. Are you using this for business meetings? Are you using this for business meals? Are you using this for parties? Knowing the point of the dress watch helps you determine if you need to buy another one or not – and therefore checking if you need to expand your roster of watches.
  • Simple still matters for watches: When it comes to making sure you make a statement with your men’s watch, make sure the watch is simple enough to go unnoticed at first glance. This seems to be counter-intuitive at first, but the point here is to make sure your watch fully grabs attention when attention is needed – but it’s not to the point that your watch steals the focus of the people you’re talking with. Go for watches with simpler functions – it just needs to tell the date and time, and the dial needs to be cream, blue, silver, black, or white. You can look for the best minimalist watches here.
  • Matching materials help with your style: One of the oldest rules of style is to always match your materials, and this applies with watches. For instance, imagine wearing a silver bracelet on one hand, and then wearing a watch with a rose gold case on the other. They seem off because they don’t exactly match, and this can throw your style off. Make sure you match metals you wear and the leathers you wear as well, perhaps by picking up one of these vintage watch straps. This helps give you a “uniform” and “consistent” look that gives attention to you as a whole instead of particular parts of your body.
  • Make sure everything fits: Watches need to fit your wrist perfectly the same way your coats and ties should fit your body properly as well. You can do this by determining the ratio as per the width of the case alongside your wrist width. Get the right size of your wrist so your watch can fit perfectly, and therefore you can help carry it flawlessly.
  • Never overspend on your watch: One misconception about watches is that a lot of people think it’s best to overspend when it comes to a men’s watch. This shouldn’t be the case – and not just out of practicality. Remember that watches make statements for you, and as such while wearing an expensive watch does imply you’re powerful and stylish, pairing them with coats and ties of sub-par brands might give another impression. If you don’t want to spend a lot for a three-piece suit, don’t spend money on an expensive watch. As with clothes, only buy what you can reasonably afford with your money.
  • Everything has to flow together: A simple men’s watch isn’t weak because it’s not exquisite in terms of detail – but rather, it’s extremely powerful because it blends in with the crowd. Unlike other pieces of clothing that give you a unified “solid” color, simple men’s watches offer a variety of color that can help the rest of your outfit shine without overtaking attention. The point of the watch is for it to help emphasize you more, not to be the point of emphasis itself. Watches that help emphasize and solidify your presence more without oversaturating it are the ones to go for.

The Bottom-line: Make First Impressions Count

When it comes to making a mark in any industry, sometimes it all boils down to how well you do in your particular business or how you make an impact with your appearances. If you want to give both clients and customers quite a convincing nudge to follow your brand, sometimes you have to make a good first impression – and if the above has told anything, it’s that men’s watches are actually quite the effective tool to achieve this. With the above tips on how to make a statement in business with men’s watches, you hopefully gained a bit of insight as to how to make sure your first impressions count with a men’s watch of your choice. Remember, a stunning impression shouldn’t only depend on the watch, but on how you “bring” it with you.

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  1. Hey! You are absolutely right that some watches gives really a different statement in business. Some Kinds of watches gives a rich and different look to businessmen. I also liked the tips you have shared about the watch and the impression by that watch. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Keep Writing and keep updating.

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  3. My husband’s birthday is fast approaching, and since he’s a watch collector, I’m planning to give him one on his birthday. I’m glad you shared this because it gave me an idea to look for a watch that he can use on all sorts of occasions. I also like your idea of choosing a watch that is simple at first look, but it has certain details that will grab anyone’s attention.

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  6. I like that you pointed out that it would be best to have watches that will match your overall look to have a consistent look. I will keep that in mind and probably buy a vintage watch for myself. It’s because I plan to imitate a vintage look from an artist I liked back then for the event that I will attend this coming June.

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    And you said absolutely correct that always match with the materials and everything needs to flow together with the outfit.
    If it is a formal occasion then wear something that has a very minimal and classic design because it looks professional and elegant.
    I think we should also remember the general rule for watches which is:- Leather straps tend to be a little bit more formal and Stainless Steel straps more casual side.
    Anyways, that’s an amazing post. Keep up the great work and All the best Dequiana Jackson.
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