How To Make A Living As A Photographer

It is the dream of many to quit their corporate job and pursue their passion. It used to be horrible advice to tell people to follow their dreams as it was very difficult to break into a creative industry.

These days, there are so many ways to make money thanks to the internet that even a job as a photographer can pay you a full time income. If you have the chops and know how to take incredible photographs, then you can make money if you are ready to hustle.

In this article, I will go over several ways you can make your dream a reality and find work as a photographer.

How To Make A Living As A Photographer

1 – Find your niche

If you think you can just be a photographer for hire in the broad sense where you will take any job that comes your way, you aren’t likely to be able to make a living this way.

You need to focus on a certain aspect of photography and then become a known quantity within that area. For example, if you are good at portraits you can become a baby photographer and make a name for yourself as the best around. Then new parents will be seeking you out instead of you seeking clients.

When they arrive on your site they can either buy some of your prints or pay for a service that you offer.

2 – Inbound marketing

This is a marketing concept that is booming thanks to the internet, social media and the ease in which you can create websites yourself.

The premise is that you set up a website, in this case using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) website for photographers, and then funneling people to your site. You can learn more about photographer CRMs that link.

The idea is that you build a sort of net that catches potential leads and then direct them further into your sales funnel. The open end of the funnel is where people become aware of you and then as they go further in they end up coming out as loyal fans and repeat customers.

It starts with understanding SEO and how to use social media effectively to attract people looking for your services. It is effective because you are just setting yourself up so people can find you instead of you looking for them.

3 – Use the right social media platform

Not everybody uses every single social media network. People pick their favorites and it is usually based on there being the same type of person as them on a particular platform.

This means that you have to find the network where your ideal market is hanging out. If you are a photographer for cosplay, for example, you’re not likely to find many people looking for your services on Facebook. If you set up an account on Reddit, however, then you may end up with more work than you can handle.

Once you find the right platform, you will certainly find an audience that you can then direct towards your funnel and end up with fans of your work that are willing to pay for your services.

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