How to Find Untapped Talent for Your Business

Hiring the right people for your company isn’t simply a matter of listing a job advert and waiting for perfect candidates to start competing for the role. Employers need to make themselves attractive to potential employees, and sometimes there just might not be enough readymade talent to go around. Everyone wants to have experienced people who know what they’re doing, but focusing too much on this can often mean you miss out on untapped talent that’s waiting to be nurtured. If you’re willing to train your employees and help them grow, you can turn them into experienced professionals who want to stay with your company.

Make Your Hiring More Open-Minded

A more diverse and open-minded approach to hiring could mean you allow your business access to talent that you would otherwise miss out on. This could include steps such as trying to remove bias, both conscious and unconscious, from the hiring process. One of the things you might want to consider is giving a chance to people with criminal records. A survey showed that just 24% of companies hired people with crime records this year. Many people with records are enthusiastic workers and determined to prove themselves. Employers can help to give them a purpose and be part of their rehabilitation.

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Start a Graduate Program or Internship

College students and new graduates may be a little wet behind the ears when it comes to the world of work. However, they have to start somewhere, and that is often with an internship or perhaps a graduate program after they have completed their degree. Putting together one of these programs can give your business an early opportunity to identify people with potential. Internships may help you to find people with the right personalities for your firm, even if the skills aren’t there just yet. Graduate programs allow you to train people without them having to unlearn anything from previous roles.

Set Up an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are another way to give people an opportunity as they begin their careers or perhaps switch careers. They are often used in trades, but they can be equally useful in other industries. Apprenticeships allow people to study and work at the same time, learning on the job. Some of them may even have a degree as their goal, while others could involve gaining certain trade certificates or licenses. They can be a great way to find new talent, especially from young people.

Focus on Potential

When you want to find untapped talent, it’s essential not to always focus on qualifications or experience. Sometimes you need to focus more on the potential that a candidate has. They might not currently have the skills that they need, but perhaps they have the right personality and level of enthusiasm to learn them quickly. They might have a passion for the job and the industry but still need to gain some important skills and experience.

Looking for untapped talent could not only be a benefit to your business, but it could make you a desirable employer too.

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