How to Find the Best Products to Sell Online

You’re ready to start your own business. You’ve got a reasonable capital, the time to spare, and the will to take on the world of e-commerce. There’s only one thing that you’re missing: you don’t know what to sell.

Coming up with the right offering for your online business can be a eureka moment. But most of the time, you have to proactively look for it in the right places.

Here are some great places to start looking for niche or evergreen product ideas.

Explore Your Local Community

Brick-and-mortar businesses have been in the game far more than most online shops have. In that sense, they make the best inspirations for product ideas.

Spend a day just exploring the neighborhood. Take note of retail concepts, and observe what products are on display.

For instance, a local pastry shop that sells homemade treats may be a superstar in your community. Transform that great idea into an online concept. Customers love it when they can order their favorite cakes online instead of having to head to the store themselves.

Follow Industry Leaders

You may not know which specific products to sell but know what industry to be in. With this in mind, it’s a great tip to follow influencers, pioneers, and leaders in that industry.

Leverage your social-media use by getting inspiration from the right people. Their posts may spark product concepts related to your desired niche. If you’re into the tech industry, you can follow TechCrunch or Guardian Tech. If you want to try your hand at fashion, get inspired by leading brands such as H&M or Vogue.

Don’t know whom to follow? There are several online tools that’ll help you out.

Read Reviews

The internet is filled with lots of product review sites that make the perfect pool for product ideas and inspiration.

Checking out these sites will give you a glimpse of what’s trending and what’s bound to be a mere fad. You’ll be surprised at the limitless offering possibilities that you can apply to your online store.

Some popular consumer-product sites that’ll kick-start your search include Uncrate, GearMoose, werd, Outblush, and Cool Material. But you can always go out of the box and explore particular reviews sites in your niche!

Pinterest Is Your Savior

Pinterest is an endless pit of product and niche concepts. The social curation site makes an excellent resource for new and trending e-commerce product ideas. Simply do a search, or use the built-in social signals to get a sense of what’s popular in the market. Use this knowledge to know if your niche is worth pursuing.

Aside from Pinterest, you can also find inspiration from other social curation sites, such as Polyvore, Wanelo, and Fancy.

Do Your Research in Online Marketplaces

Where else can you better find products to sell than in online selling platforms themselves? Online marketplaces are filled with product ideas that cater to both the general and the niche markets. If you don’t know where to start, simply visit their home pages. You’ll be welcomed by a list of trending products that you can buy and sell online.

Find products on AliExpress

AliExpress is a truly untapped market, full of possibilities with more than 8 million listings and free ePacket delivery on all orders you have a lot of possibilities for product research. To help you with the research, it is best to use product research tools, such as SaleSource which is an AI-powered software and a marketing tool that will help you find winning products in no time!

Do It in the ’Gram

Instagram is not just a place to post photos of your pet or last night’s dinner. It’s also a great resource for popular product ideas. After all, almost everyone is on the social media platform: influencers, brands, and e-commerce businesses themselves!

Aside from following industry leaders on Insta, you can also search for your desired niche using hashtags. Don’t just stick to searching for a particular industry, like #fashion or #food.

You can also search for applicable hashtags that potential customers may use, such as #want, #need, or #wishlist.

Solve Your Own Problems

The easiest way to get product ideas for your online store is by solving a problem of your own.

For instance, you may find it hard to look for a shampoo that won’t frizz out your hair. Why not consider formulating your own homemade shampoo yourself and market it in your store? The possibilities are endless!

Now, you’re ready to get started!

Once you find the perfect products, you can now start earning profits by selling them online. Think about how to bring the most cash. Don’t forget shipping fees and processing fees if ever you decide to purchase your products in bulk. The cost for advertising should also be kept in mind if you run campaigns on social media.

Now, you’re set in your journey towards online business entrepreneurship.

Have ideas on how to look for new products to sell? Share them through the comment section below.

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