How to Facilitate an Office Relocation


Office relocation can be tiring and complex process if not planned and organized well. Since it is just a process, it could easily be broken down to several smaller and shorter ones, which can result in a successful relocation with no fuss or problems. Know what you need and exactly when, and with a good team you can accomplish everything. Here’s how to facilitate an office relocation.

Know Your Requirements

To save time and make the office relocation process go smoothly you need to have clear understanding of all the requirements. The key ideas which you have to have in mind include where you want to move your office, how much space do you need, what features that space needs to have, type and the length of the new lease and the time when you need to start your work. Another key point includes knowing your budget. After the funds are being set, calculate and collocate money at the right places. Be realistic and never go over budget to avoid shortcomings in other areas.

Move Team

Since you need a successful outcome of the office relocation, establish an efficient and responsible project team which will facilitate all the aspects of the move. The move team should consist of both internal and external members and they need a project leader. The leader should set the process of relocation in motion as soon as the decision has been made, and needs to have certain qualities. This person must have the authority to act on behalf of your company and the trust of senior management; to have the ability to make good decisions, to be a good planner and organizer; to have experience of working within the budget and to be an excellent communicator. Other members of the team should also be responsible trustworthy people, on whom you can rely to have the job done in no time with least possible issues.

Starting Early

Make a detailed plan of the relocation process and start reviewing all of your options at least 9 to 18 months before your lease expires, in order to avoid any inconveniences and rushing. Once that is done, the work should start immediately since there is a lot do to. Also, do not forget about other members of the team and staff. Everybody has their routines and relocation will have an impact on them. Make sure to consult with all of the staff members and see how they can help with the design or layout of the new office. The faster they get familiar with the new place, the sooner they will find their new routine and start working efficiently.


Office move can greatly affect all of your staff, since the business still needs to run, the lack valuable information can bring stress into your workspace. Make sure to clearly define main purposes of the relocation and inform your staff why those changes need to occur and what are their benefits. Once you deliver the message, do not automatically think that everyone has received it. Opt for direct communication channels, such as emails, face-to-face and even social media. Try to reach as many people as possible and with each channel focus on different audience. However, you should put most of your focus on face-to-face communication since it is the most direct and efficient when it comes to getting through to people. If the communication is done well, office relocation will be over with no major issues, and the performance and motivation will increase.

After this complex process is finished, have a nice celebration of a new start and give your staff members the chance to relax for a moment. Celebration will make all of you feel welcome in the new place and it will give you the needed motivation to get back on your feet.


Derek Lotts is an aspiring writer from Sydney. Office management and productivity are his passions. He frequently writes about office decor and is thrilled to recommend In One Project’s office interior design as a great solution for any office space.

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