How Important is a Good HR Management System?

HR can be one of those aspects of running a business that kind of creeps up on you. At first, when you have few or no staff, you can manage things just by talking to people or keeping a basic spreadsheet. Then as you expand, you tend to find yourself with all kinds of these disparate spreadsheets to cover things like sick leave, vacation requests, training, appraisals, expense claims, references, and more – each with their own special peculiarities.

Getting Software

When managing the staff at your company grows organically like this, it can end up being messy and a pain to live with. You can end up with inefficient processes, unneeded bureaucracy, and a lot of time wasted both for yourself and your people. At this point, many business owners bite the bullet and hire a professional HR manager to straighten things out, but is this alone the answer? Even a good HR manager will not be able to set up the best way of running your own HR without the right tools.

A lot of HR is admin, and a lot of the problems that come with it come from ineffective admin processes. Much of this can be resolved with software, but how much difference can a HR software cloud management tool make over using your own databases and spreadsheets?

Why Cloud is Best

Locally held records are never a good idea, but even if you locate the things you use to record and track your HR on centralized, backed up servers, it is not as good as having them saved to the cloud. Your HR records, along with customer data, are some of the most precious data you have security

wise, as they contain all of your personnel details, including names, addresses, bank details and even medical records. Also, HR data tends to change all the time, and losing it can lead to a huge waste of time as you try and figure out who has vacation planned when after someone accidentally overwrites the master spreadsheet! Using a cloud based system with integrated security protects you from these issues.

Efficiency and Productivity

Whether you manage the HR side of your business yourself or bring in a professional HR person to do it, it is important to use efficient processes to minimise admin overheads. A good HR management platform will integrate areas where data can be cross referenced and make it as simple as possible for records for staff members, job vacancies, applicants and finance to be managed, updated, and manipulated. Doing things in an efficient way already leads to greater productivity, however with a well integrated HR system you can also view metrics and data in new ways that can help you make better predictions about staffing and make budgetary decisions.

HR packages do tend to be a good investment for growing businesses, and are well worth looking into if your HR is currently a bit of a mess where it has come into being gradually as need has arisen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Dequiana! I do feel that the cloud is best however, I don’t feel that one can have enough backups. I’ve heard horror stories about crashed computers and failed hard drives at the same time but then again, that’s why the cloud is best.

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  3. I read too many posts regarding the HR management system, but none could satisfy me. Finally, I have found your article where you described the process in detail, which is beneficial for me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I learned some new information from this blog good analysis and the inspiring story keep me motivated to invest in HR packages to grow my business. I agree with this point that the HR system can also view metrics and data in new ways that can help me make better predictions about staffing and make budgetary decisions. Thanks for sharing this informative content!

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