How Growing Enterprises Can Take Advantage of Business Intelligence Cloud Solutions

Leaders of Fortune 500 companies have a small secret to running a successful business. They efficiently finish tasks and business processes, freeing up time for other activities. Because time is so valuable, these leaders have formulated quicker ways to do office work. The efficiency of their processes manifests itself no matter the size of the task.

While Fortune 500 companies are a great study of leadership and business processes, there is a misconception that what works for big companies won’t work for small businesses. It’s assumed that the automated services or business solutions employed by larger companies are designed for their size. It’s also assumed that small- and medium-sized businesses do not have the need for business solutions, such as information strategy and lead generation. That, of course, is not true. There are a range of services that entrepreneurs can take advantage of so their businesses can prosper. Small- and medium-sized businesses that want to take things to the next level can also take advantage of automating critical components of their business processes, including business intelligence.

Business intelligence does a lot of things for a lot of companies. As with larger companies, it enables small- and medium-sized businesses to monitor performance, analyze trends, measure business growth and even compare the performance between two or more companies. It can also turn unstructured data into a well-structured, usable set of information that can be pulled out anytime through a secure cloud server. Businesses can also gain better traction over the competition with automated business intelligence services such as information strategy, data mining, data warehousing and even multivariate data analysis.

The possibilities are endless when entrepreneurs and business owners mix-and-match these business intelligence services. By harnessing such information, they will be able to improve on vital functions, including decision making, financial management, compliance with regulations, customer service, and field service management.

The services of business intelligence providers, with the help of available cloud functionality, can free up a lot of time for entrepreneurs. This gives business leaders the opportunity to meet new partners, investors, or customers and lets small- and medium-sized businesses have the breathing room necessary to focus on other business critical tasks, such as sales and marketing and business development strategies.

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  1. With the use of Business Intelligence, you are given accurate data, updates in real time, trending and forecasting means and even allows you to predict “what-if” scenarios, therefore removing the need to guess or estimate.
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  2. Managing the everyday operations of a healthcare facility is no simple task. In times when resources are limited and medical staffs are becoming smaller and smaller, having the tools to maximize efficiency while providing an excellent patient experience, is needed more than ever.

  3. Data tends to be spread around, trapped in various silos. The latest wave of BI tools is attempting to remove the barriers between those silos so that a holistic picture is formed based on multiple data sources. This provides much more accurate forecasts.

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