How Data Centers Help Small Businesses Scale Faster

There is no world or business in the said world that operates without internet and data. It’s unimaginable, to say the least. Data is being generated, consumed, created, destroyed every minute and what’s fascinating is all this data i.e., 90% of it has been generated since 2016.

Technology keeps expanding its horizons and what once existed only in science fiction books is now our reality. And the interesting part is the technology that created mayhem and wooed every techie is now nowhere in sight, replaced by something new and exciting. But what remains useful is the data generated and stored when we used that technology and it is a never-ending cycle.

Businesses collect the data and further use it to identify potential customers, target them, make insightful decisions to build a secure future, and to race ahead of their competition in terms of both technology and revenue.

Where is all this data stored?

Data centers, where thousands of servers hum away at high speed and tackle all the traffic of hundreds of businesses while maintaining smooth IT operations. Data centers also have features like backup, disaster recovery, eliminate the need for investing in extra hardware resources, and provide high security. But the biggest advantage of data centers lies in its scaling efficiency.

How Data Centers Help Small Businesses Scale Faster

Small Businesses & Data Centers:

While multinational companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc have their own data centers, small or medium-sized companies/businesses building one or establishing one in their existing building is a pipe dream and a costly one at that.

So, there is another option of outsourcing enterprise requirements through which you can store your data, manage IT operations, etc. Also, when your business grows, the data center increases its operational efficiency and meet your requirements by scaling on-demand. This feature is considered to be the most beneficial for small businesses. 

But what exactly is scaling on-demand?

Scaling is the ability of a process, network, or even a business to grow on-demand without any hassles. Being able to scale as the business grows, make it more adaptable to changes and challenges.

Small or medium-scale businesses need to choose a data center that can scale faster. Let us see how data centers are helping small businesses scale faster:

Data Storage:

The first and foremost advantage of leveraging data centers is their ability to help businesses of any size to eliminate the need for investing in hardware. Data centers can store all your data in their servers, removing the need for additional storage that can be expanded as you deem necessary.

With effective storage space, you can make better use of your resources by investing them in your core project and increase your revenue. Apart from housing loads and loads of data, data centers help you analyze all of your data and separate the useful data from noise. This helps you make informed and future-minded decisions.

Data Backup and Security:

The majority of the businesses (all kinds and sizes) don’t invest in data security. According to, National Cyber Security Alliance,  20% of all small businesses will be hacked within one year. Yet another survey says that  20% of small to medium-sized businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years. 

Data centers provide back-up and security options that save your data from any unforeseen situations. Keeping your data safe and secure will be a data center’s ultimate job. They provide firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and encryption software to protect your data. This saves you the cost of investing in security options that can be a lot pricey.

Data centers give you many advanced options, through which you can manage your data effectively by not only reducing unnecessary investments but by ensuring business continuity. 

Better Usage of Resources:

Growth in technology is bridging the gap between man and machine and more businesses, even the startups and small businesses are looking towards automation to ease their work and reduce costs.

But to do so, small businesses need to analyze their data on their own and for this you need to buy some intelligent software and professionals to understand it, again costing you dearly. With data centers, you can manage and analyze your data without any hassle. Some of them are equipped with intelligent tools like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning to analyze your data efficiently without costing you more.

No Downtime:

No matter how big or small your business, you experience facing downtime one time or another and is it especially not a good feeling for small businesses as they usually don’t have the kind of resources needed to manage downtime effectively.

But lucky you, data centers will look after your data 24/7 with full protection. You don’t have to worry about any threats or you have to stay up worrying about your precious data which can be accessed anywhere, anytime securely.

Better Connectivity:

Data centers offer redundant network connections to ensure that your critical applications run better and uninterrupted come what may. Some data centers provide many uninterrupted connectivity options to help businesses build their infrastructure according to their needs.

They provide many customized options to ensure the small business integrates seamlessly and you don’t have to worry about the connectivity compliance. Also, in case of any unplanned situation you don’t have to hire professionals to solve your issues, you simply raise a ticket and a data center will provide you with hassle-free professional services.

Along with all the above features that help your small business to scale faster and better without costing you much, the data center will also provide you with all kinds of compliances you require to move and store your data. For instance, if you belong to the healthcare industry, the data center will be (mostly) HIPPA, HITRUST CSF complied, etc.

Are you ready to make the transition to a data center?

Data centers provide you with the best IT infrastructure and help you make better use of all your resources, which is particularly important for small businesses or startups. Data centers cut costs and increase the efficiency of your business, but at the same time, you need to choose a data center provider smartly by asking the right questions before you enter the Service Level Agreement.

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